Training Schedule and Availability for Steven Knight

Due to Microsoft discontinuing the Public Site feature of Office 365, I will be using a different Office 365 tool for sharing my availability information with training providers and others. If you are a user of my schedule, please email me for the current link! Or check my email signature in a recent email. I have added the availability link to my signature block.



Office 365 Tools for Lawyers and Legal Professionals

Broadening the base of potential Office 365/SharePoint Online users is the Legal Matters Center for Office 365. I attended an early session on this at the Ignite conference in Chicago.

Resources can be found at:

Office 365 – SharePoint Online Resource from Microsoft


This new resource covers planning, adoption and more. I see this as a resource for end user training material

Office 365 Customer Success Center​


Hybrid SharePoint Online – Existing on Premise Active Directory and Exchange

The following  collection of light reading is to guide those who need to connect SharePoint Online and existing on premise Exchange and Active Directory

The aim is to have on log in with cloud and on premise services synchronized. Continue reading “Hybrid SharePoint Online – Existing on Premise Active Directory and Exchange”

Give me 27 minutes to help you with Tables, Repeating Rows and Formulas in LiveCycle Designer

 Latest Video


  • Flowed and Positioned Sub Forms
  • Dynamic Tables
  • Using drop down lists in formulas
  • Repeating Rows
  • Grand Totals

Additional Resources

I have had a lot of questions recently seeking additional resources regarding FormCalc and Javascript.

Please see also my tour of Forms Resources for more links


Javascript and PDF

General PDF resources




Options for Creating or Upgrading a Community Web Site

I have been asked about creating and updating community web sites twice in the last week. So this post is to summarise some of the options.

Most low cost hosts support WordPress and Joomla via various methods usually an interface called CPanel. You can use this interface to load the product of your choice.

The Big Two


Standardisation vs Custom, Curiosity Driven

This talk by Sir Ken Robinson questions a lot of the givens in current approaches to Education.

I see parallels in Workplace Training, with  scheduled courses, standardised material and presentations, every course the same vs Every course is custom, emphasis varies based on questions raised, varying the session to address solving actual problems.

Is the future all custom courses?

I think the future is here now and it raises some issues I will discuss in upcoming posts


10 top time-saving tech tips

A quick little TED talk where David Pogue runs through some simple tips for users of everyday tech.

I have used the “half press” camera tip a few times since watching this!



You know you are a geek when…

You can watch  Iyaz and guest demonstrate and build a wireless bridge and think, I should do that…just for  a little project to do!

What Resources are there for Trainers and others needing to get across Windows 8?

Windows 8 itself

Running Windows 8 on a PC or virtual machine will help and its not too hard to set up. I have been working through the book below over the last couple of days, and it is invaluable to be able to jump out into Windows to try a feature when you get to it in the book.


There is a growing range of Windows 8 books available, via Safari Books Online I have been using and recommend  Paul Thurrott and Rafael Riviera’s Windows 8 Secrets. (John Wiley & Sons)

Continue reading “What Resources are there for Trainers and others needing to get across Windows 8?”

Creating your Own Content- moving beyond consuming…

A topic guaranteed to get me on my soapbox is encouraging people, especially young people to develop their own content, to move beyond consuming to creation. There are low cost and no cost tools for use in creating content in any sphere.

So I start up the Boxee box this morning to listen in on some Ted talks, and I find this talk: Mitch Resnick: Let’s teach kids to code.  I commend this talk to teachers and parents, and please also watch the Knowhow episode below on a related theme, creating Podcasts. I have also included some links to free and open source tools below.

Mentioned in the Ted Talk – want to try Scratch?

If you are more ambitious in coding or web app directions,  Microsoft provide a mixture of free tools and open source tools:

Then I found an episode of the TWIT show Knowhow which runs through how to create and Podcast and what tools to use. You can read the Supporting Transcript which includes links to tools  mentioned in the show.

I’ll add another suggestion to those from Leo and Iyaz – for Windows users – Movie Maker is still free and will save in MPEG4/H264 to suit  viewing on multiple platforms. Movie Maker includes tools to publish to YouTub, Vimeo and others. Other video editing tools are more sophisticated, but Movie Maker will trim  and do the basics! It is part of Windows Essentials 2012 – you can select just the components that you need. Continue reading “Creating your Own Content- moving beyond consuming…”

Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are

Ted Talks are the best value. They have become my Sunday morning day starter. A couple of Ted Talks over breakfast.

Always learn something

Today I am recommending the Amy Cuddy presentation “Your body language shapes who you are” . The presentation explores the relationship between positive postures and behaviour.

I can see applications for this  for trainers and presenters especially.

I like the way many Ted Talks are backed by research and experiments – as is the case here. Having seen too many body language as entertainment presentations on tabloid TV – I am a bit wary – but I was swayed by the supporting science.

Amy also used a good presentation technique in that she gave the audience one effective technique to take away and use.

Meetings and Power/Positive Attitudes

Many years ago, as a young public servant I was also a union delegate particularly involved in the introduction of new systems and wound up going to meetings with management at the state and national level.  I was conscious of the power issues at being at a meeting with a room full of suits and outnumbered. I would wear a good sports coat  to the meetings myself – people would ask why – I would say the jacket was my “wings  of steel” (see video below). My small way of neutralising the whole power balance thing, in my head anyway, which is where it counted.

 Another Meeting Tip

If you are a small delegation meeting with a larger group at their site, the larger group will spread themselves around the meeting table, leaving spaces for you and your group dispersed around the table. This can be deliberate, (or it can be because the people you are meeting don’t get on ). You want your team together, at the very least for passing notes…

So ask people to move, I have done it several times, use the passing notes thing as a pretext if you have to, but do it.


Steven Knight