Sunday Night Music – Matt Munro, Deborah Conway

Continuing the tradition, of no technology for one post on Sunday night.

A few songs this week, vastly different genres, to make up for missing last week.

Matt Munro

You Tube doesn’t do this justice – you need to watch the movie with a good surround sound set up. The music is haunting and beautiful. When I have I the mid life crisis sports car, I will drive to Pilton via Gatton and Ma Ma creek (nice winding roads) with this music on the stereo.

Deborah Conway

My musical tastes do include some more recent performers. Saw Deborah Conway live many years ago at a pub that no longer exists.

That voice is amazing, again YouTube doesn’t do the sound justice. I will have to ask Santa for a Deborah Conway CD.

Better sound on this one…

This music needs the right venue, the right company, the right time of night.