Q and A: Can I upload Adobe Captivate output to Microsoft SharePoint?

Q. Can I upload Captivate output to SharePoint – where SharePoint is being used as our intranet?

A. Yes!

While there are articles on the web about using Flash output (SWF) in SharePoint, this note assumes HTML5 output from Captivate.

  1. Publish your HTML5 output from Captivate to a local folder
  2. Rename index.html to something like project_name.aspx (make sure you are editing the extension – so you don’t get project_name.apsx.html) – We are doing this so that SharePoint(and the IIS web server) will know this is content to display – a web page, not a text file to open like a word document.
  3. Open the top level folder in windows explorer (we will copy the web page and supporting folders form this in a moment)
  4. In the destination document library in SharePoint create a folder for this project (see the File Tab on the ribbon for the new folder tool)
  5. Open the new folder
  6. From the ribbon in SharePoint select Files Tab and then Explorer view
  7. Copy all the content including sub folders from the local folder to the SharePoint explorer window
  8. Then you can link to the project_name.aspx file from a SharePoint web or wiki page
  9. Tested on SharePoint 2013 – should work on SharePoint 2010