Train-A-Scope YouTube Channel Theme for 2014


I am Steven Knight and my business is computer training.

I train in SharePoint, Acrobat, Captivate and Office for leading training providers around Australia

This year I am following a theme for most of my YouTube channel content.

That theme is forms.

Why Forms?

End users are increasing looking for tools to enable them to

  • Collect data from internal or external clients efficiently
  • Export that data to Excel
  • That requires no coding
  • And are Low or no cost

I will still have content on other topics with forms being the ongoing theme.

Which Tools?

The forms tools I will be exploring will include

From Adobe

  • Acrobat forms
  • FormsCentral forms
  • LiveCycle Designer

From Google, Google Forms

From Microsoft, for the SharePoint users, InfoPath forms (which might include a little SharePoint Designer

And also from Microsoft, I‘ll cover the replacement for InfoPath when that is released

What’s the Plan?

For each of these tools I will  explore the following aspects

  • Adding fields
  • Branding and Formatting
  • Data Validation (ensuring you get numbers where you need numbers, for example)
  • Controlling navigation (e.g. jump ahead based on a choice, show and hiding content based on earlier selections)
  • Distribution and Security
  • End User Experience and Accessibility
  • Data collection options, Analysis and Exporting (eg to Excel)
  • Ability to create forms using no code or as little code as possible.
  • Cost

I am aiming at giving you a frequency of one episode every two weeks.

Improved quality

  • Using some new captivate templates, some new (but still economy class) equipment and software
  • Also writing scripts to improve my narration

Which one first?

I will be starting with FormsCentral from Adobe.

I have just upgraded by Form Central account, it is available at modest cost and I want to use it my own business, so we will start there.

Your feedback and suggestions are welcome.