Sunday Night Music

While I wait for some really useful work to upload to YouTube, I will revive the much neglected Sunday Night Music post

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How do I find out about IT security threats without the media hype?

Listen to Security Now!

I was on the road this afternoon, so I had the chance to listen to episode number 392 of Security Now. While I am a long time advocate of Security Now, I recognise it can be a bit geek heavy in places. That said, I urge any one who works in or with IT to listen to the first two thirds of episode 392 for the discussion with hosts Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson and guest Brian Krebs covering “Organized crime on the Internet, botnets, ransomware, and more”. The interview will give you an overview of what is happening on the dark side free of media hype.

The tone is informal, informative and the language isn’t geek heavy, and is suitable for all levels of IT knowledge.

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What Resources are there for Trainers and others needing to get across Windows 8?

Windows 8 itself

Running Windows 8 on a PC or virtual machine will help and its not too hard to set up. I have been working through the book below over the last couple of days, and it is invaluable to be able to jump out into Windows to try a feature when you get to it in the book.


There is a growing range of Windows 8 books available, via Safari Books Online I have been using and recommend  Paul Thurrott and Rafael Riviera’s Windows 8 Secrets. (John Wiley & Sons)

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HTML5 and CSS3 tutorial in Windows 8 Store

As part of getting into Windows 8, I have been exploring the Windows 8 Store. WickedlySmart have released a 20 lesson tutorial free in the Windows 8 Store.

HTML5 and CSS Quicklook

I have downloaded it and will report back on the quality.

For those exploring HTML5 and CSS3 its an extra resource to try

Steven Knight

Windows 8 – Where is the Start button?

Where is the Windows 8 Start menu – rather than adding in a third party replacement, I explore rearranging the tiles and few useful keyboard shortcuts.

First one created using Camtasia – Please adjust the volume to suit.

Where can I find resources to learn HTML5?

A working knowledge of HTML 5 is going to be useful for a wider audience than the traditional users of HTML as it will have a role in apps development in Windows 8 and elsewhere. I have gathered together some resources I have found useful.

Samples  and Demos

Sites that demonstrate working examples of HTML and its features.

Books and on line courses

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Creating your Own Content- moving beyond consuming…

A topic guaranteed to get me on my soapbox is encouraging people, especially young people to develop their own content, to move beyond consuming to creation. There are low cost and no cost tools for use in creating content in any sphere.

So I start up the Boxee box this morning to listen in on some Ted talks, and I find this talk: Mitch Resnick: Let’s teach kids to code.  I commend this talk to teachers and parents, and please also watch the Knowhow episode below on a related theme, creating Podcasts. I have also included some links to free and open source tools below.

Mentioned in the Ted Talk – want to try Scratch?

If you are more ambitious in coding or web app directions,  Microsoft provide a mixture of free tools and open source tools:

Then I found an episode of the TWIT show Knowhow which runs through how to create and Podcast and what tools to use. You can read the Supporting Transcript which includes links to tools  mentioned in the show.

I’ll add another suggestion to those from Leo and Iyaz – for Windows users – Movie Maker is still free and will save in MPEG4/H264 to suit  viewing on multiple platforms. Movie Maker includes tools to publish to YouTub, Vimeo and others. Other video editing tools are more sophisticated, but Movie Maker will trim  and do the basics! It is part of Windows Essentials 2012 – you can select just the components that you need. Continue reading “Creating your Own Content- moving beyond consuming…”

Adobe E-Learning Subscription Problems Return

Went to use Captivate today – to prepare some tutorials to support some training later this week.

Found myself on day 00 of my trial (I pay a monthly fee to use this software – this isn’t a trial – well not in that sense – the recurring issues are a trial) Continue reading “Adobe E-Learning Subscription Problems Return”

Finding Templates and Resources for MS Office End Users

A short video tour of some Microsoft resources for templates and information aimed at end users.

Tips for speeding up preparing reports in MS Word

Tutorial covering Headings, Styles, Table of Contents and the Navigation pane – all useful for saving time in preparing reports. Shows how to:

  • Easily format headings
  • Prepare a Table of Contents
  • Move content within  a report
  • Convert to a PDF for distribution

Outlook Questions:How to create Reusable Messages and Fix Time Zone Problems

Resources to help you solve two common Outlook questions

I have to send a lot of similar messages. How do I create a standard reusable message?

I am having problems with appointments and meetings going into my calendar with the wrong time. How do I fix my Time Zone problems?

Where can I get Outlook Tips and Tricks?


Steven Knight


SharePoint 2010 – Not seeing the Alert icon in the ribbon?

If you are not seeing the Alert icon (The Bell) in the SharePoint 2010 ribbon on lists or libraries, your friendly Server Guru/SharePoint Admin will need to tweak the set up. The underlying problem is that SharePoint needs to know where to find the SMTP server (your mail server) so it can generate emails.

In order to send email eg use the notification setting or alerts – you need to

  1.  Set up SMTP
  2.  In Central Admin – enter the information to tell SharePoint where the SMTP server is

This  article covers the process for Step 2: “To configure outgoing email for a farm by using Central Administration


Steven Knight

SharePoint – Can’t Drag and Drop Web Parts on some pages?

This problem will arise when you have a combination of a shallow height screen and a wiki page (you may have a wiki page without realising it – SharePoint uses them as the default in places, and normally that’s not a bad thing).

The article Hey – why can’t I move Web Parts below the visible portion of my SharePoint page? has two short videos under 2 minutes each that illustrates minimising web parts as a walk around. This discussion advocates cut and paste Can’t change order of web parts.

Steven Knight