Options for Creating or Upgrading a Community Web Site

I have been asked about creating and updating community web sites twice in the last week. So this post is to summarise some of the options.

Most low cost hosts support WordPress and Joomla via various methods usually an interface called CPanel. You can use this interface to load the product of your choice.

The Big Two


Standardisation vs Custom, Curiosity Driven

This talk by Sir Ken Robinson questions a lot of the givens in current approaches to Education.

I see parallels in Workplace Training, with  scheduled courses, standardised material and presentations, every course the same vs Every course is custom, emphasis varies based on questions raised, varying the session to address solving actual problems.

Is the future all custom courses?

I think the future is here now and it raises some issues I will discuss in upcoming posts


10 top time-saving tech tips

A quick little TED talk where David Pogue runs through some simple tips for users of everyday tech.

I have used the “half press” camera tip a few times since watching this!



Live Cycle Designer – Formulas with read only fields

This Tutorial covers creating formulas in Live Cycle Designer forms where one or more fields is read only and contains a fixed value eg a price.

See also



You know you are a geek when…

You can watch  Iyaz and guest demonstrate and build a wireless bridge and think, I should do that…just for  a little project to do!

Resources to help with Acrobat Forms

Resources mentioned in the presentation:

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How to redisplay information already entered in a LiveCycle Designer Form

How to redisplay information already entered in a LiveCycle Designer Form. Three methods are demonstrated in this short tutorial.

SharePoint Set up Checks

This post is for training providers who are moving into SharePoint end user training. It covers how to check email related functions are working and response times are reasonable, once your IT department have completed the setup.

Checking Email Functionality

The Reason

Demonstrating features such as Workflows, Alerts and Tasks all depend on this feature working.  It requires some additional steps behind the scenes which may have been missed.

The Check

Navigate to any list or library in the site

Look for the Library Tools tab (or List tools Tab) and click on Library


start alerts


Observe the Alert Me tool towards the right Continue reading “SharePoint Set up Checks”

Give me 8 minutes to learn how to Search SharePoint 2010 and Office 365/SharePoint Online

How to use Search, Scopes and Refiners in SharePoint

For SharePoint 2010 and Office 365/SharePoint Online users – A short tutorial on using Search to find documents and items in SharePoint.

As a side note – I think I have sorted the volume level issues.

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Amanda Palmer on Asking

I am recommending this TED talk for two reasons (i) Amanda presents an alternative to conventional business models and (ii) It is just a really effective presentation.

I will be recommend  this and the Amy Cuddy TED talk as examples of effective presentations in my PowerPoint courses – any of the TED talks are worth studying to improve presentation technique beyond PowerPoint.

I know every business presentation can’t be like this – but why not just a little bit?

Watch one, Learn something today


PS last few minutes includes an image that in certain cultures may be NSFW. Its a sad world where there is a need for this disclaimer.

Changing Models of Learning Delivery – Opening Post

Last Sunday, I found this talk by Sugata Mitra, one aspect of which is the nature of the current western school model and how children can learn.  Sugata raises an alternative model for educating children, especially in poor communities, but applicable anywhere. After the video I am going to segue this post into training adults in office IT skills, but to get you thinking please watch and learn from Sugata first.  Please also read his TED profile and visit the links to more information there.

I think there is a good community service project in the IT training industry supporting the Hole-in-the-wall project. I will return to that thought in a future post.

While I don’t expect us to be setting up hole in the all learning PCs in the work environment (adults aren’t as adventurous as children – but is there a place for resources the inquiring minds can dive into?) there are strong parallels between the traditional classroom for children and conventional scheduled IT courses for adults in the workforce.

Now I’d if you are a trainer, or training provider I’d like you:

  1. Watch the above talk
  2. Go and sit under a tree and have a think.

I am working on a draft of a post about my take on changes taking place in the training marketplace and the shift to custom/ad hoc/on site training.

More Soon.

Adding Rows and Showing Optional or Alternative fields in LiveCycle Designer

Part 1. Using a button to add rows to a table – without writing code
Part 2. Using check-boxes to control the display of hidden fields on the form

A very quickly prepared tutorial to answer some Adobe LiveCycle questions.

i) volume levels will vary due to Windows 8/Captivate issues, Please adjust volume to suit
ii) I did this without notes or a script – you will hear the gears turning in my head as I roughly narrate this (the “umm” and “arr” ratio is too high). A scripted narration is always better! In this case it was a false economy not to do one….

How do I manage my email efficiently?

Give me 26 minutes and I will show you how process your email efficiently.

In part 1, I demonstrate how to process incoming email effectively and support your time management. You will see how to quickly convert incoming email into Reminders, Appointments, Tasks and Contacts. In part 2, I demonstrate two tools to sort and organise your email (Rules and Quick Steps) and one to find them later! (Search folders).

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