Basic Security Steps for Home or Home Office PCs and Laptops

I do applications training (Excel, Access, PowerPoint and so on) for the staff of a Major Metropolitan University via a Leading Training Provider. As part of the introductory part of the session, we have a security postcard to discuss, to raise staff awareness of security issues and good practices at home. The ultimate aim is to reduce the incidence of threats to the work environment entering from the home PC or laptop.

This leads to a general discussion of security issues.

For basic security, I recommend you cover the following points:-

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Diagrams from Word 2003 to Smart Art

A quick set of links to help those moving from Word 2003 to Word 2007 or Word 2010, who have diagrams to convert to Smart Art. Continue reading “Diagrams from Word 2003 to Smart Art”

Harvard Style Referencing in Word 2007/2010

Following a recent question from a Word 2007 Advanced session,  where people liked the Referencing feature in Word 2007 (and its there in 2010 as well) but were disappointed that it didn’t support the Harvard system that local colleges and universities use, I decided to dig further.

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xps – How to view .xps files

XPS – XML Paper Specification files and how to view them.

I have used the XPS format to print a copy of a web page for later offline reading when I haven’t had Acrobat Pro installed. I have then been able to read them via Internet Explorer 8.

On a recent course, I was asked how to read XPS files. To my surprise, and possibly Microsoft’s, someone was actually using XPS. Continue reading “xps – How to view .xps files”

Acrobat 9 Collaboration and Reviews

Acrobat has some useful features for collecting comments eg on a report. I will create  some demos of this process shortly, in the interim, here are some links to resources Adobe have that outline the process.

Adobe TV  for Acrobat and specifically 

Also Reviewing and summarising comments – follow this link and look in the Acrobat area for the movie Reviewing and Summarising Comments

Links and Resources


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Acrobat 9 and Office 2007/2010 Integration

During a recent on site Acrobat 9  course, I had a mixture of Office 2007 and Office 2010. The Office 2010 users either had no Adobe tab on the ribbon, or problems when they went to use it. The Office 2007 users were OK in this case, but have had problems before so I include some links here for their use. Continue reading “Acrobat 9 and Office 2007/2010 Integration”

I was on one of your courses 2 years ago, ummm, have you lost a lot of weight?

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Calculated Fields in Pivot Tables

The following short movie illustrates preparing calculated fields in pivot tables in Excel 2010. This technique is very similar for Excel 2007.  This is the first of a short series on Pivot Tables that I am preparing.

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Captivate – Removing the Captivate logo from the skins

This is a question that has come up on Captivate courses – How do I remove the Captivate logo from the skins. Continue reading “Captivate – Removing the Captivate logo from the skins”

How I did this Part 1, or Why WordPress?

This post discusses how I chose WordPress over other options. I will explore the set up process in more detail in future posts.


Based on recommendations from a colleague, I found HostGator, a low cost hosting service, that supported a range of open source products and tools. (I have also found HostGator’s service good – have had problems due to a long time lag between creating accounts and actually using them and have had them fixed easily). If  you decide to use HostGator yourself, use the coupon code: sktraining092010 to get an $9.94 discount off the package price.

HostGator support php/mysql, Joomla, WordPress and even Ruby and a range of open source tools and products. So this gave me my base to build on.

Option1 – Write my own database backed site using php and MySql


This would have been a good learning exercise, and would build on existing skills. I routinely use Dreamweaver to create ASP pages that talk to Access and now also  SQL server databases. I have also done some work in php/mysql – to build the sign up/payment processing/storing outcomes and user details in an MySQl db for a charity bike ride. Continue reading “How I did this Part 1, or Why WordPress?”

Conditional formatting of columns in Excel 2007

We can easily do conditional formatting of columns in Excel 2007. A common questions is how to format a row based on a value in the row. Watch this movie to see how.

This is an older movie prepared in Captivate 4, exported as an avi and then converted using Adobe Media Encoder, before being uploaded to You Tube. It was prepared to answer a support call from a course.

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A Symbolic Start

Dear Reader,

This first post is a symbolic start, signifying many beginnings.

The plan, currently underway, is to implement a new business plan, reinvent myself and my business.

I am an IT Trainer who trains in MS Office and a number of Adobe products including Acrobat, Dreamweaver and Captivate. I also do small scale development work.

This blog will document the journey my new business plan takes me on as I work on its two major planks: Sharepoint and E-Learning.

I will share with you here tips, resources and samples of what I learn as I go on.

Steven Knight