I have to give a PowerPoint. Arrgh!

I cringe inwardly when I hear people say I have to give a PowerPoint. Arrgh! You are giving a Presentation. Ideally, You are delivering an idea, a concept,  a plan. The Presentation and PowerPoint are tools you are using not the end in themselves.

So in passing on some useful links on PowerPoint, I will start with some links on Presentation Technique: Continue reading “I have to give a PowerPoint. Arrgh!”

PowerPoint 2007 Animation Issue

In the presentation below I  illustrate animation of text, Smart Art and Charts. I also briefly discuss a problem and a solution at the end of the presentation. Continue reading “PowerPoint 2007 Animation Issue”

Sunday Night Music 2

Ballad of Ira Heyes

Continuing my convention of  one non work Sunday Night Post.

From the Man in Black, a true and sad story…

Music after the fold Continue reading “Sunday Night Music 2”

This week’s links

This week I have useful links for WebCasts and CSS Tutorials Continue reading “This week’s links”

Store and recall frequently used text in Word 2007

This short video shows how to store and recall frequently used text in Word 2007 Continue reading “Store and recall frequently used text in Word 2007”

What Makes a Successful Course Part 2

Still thinking about this, particularly for custom and on site courses,  as I try to develop a systematic process for a consistant standard of output  for my business  where every end product  is different.

To add to my earlier post on this topic, here are a few more factors that make a course work. Continue reading “What Makes a Successful Course Part 2”

Sunday Night Music

Dear Reader,

I am going to have a tradition, starting now, of doing one non work related post on a Sunday night and to reflect my eclectic musical taste. To begin, this is the Rooftop Singers from the early 1960’s in their orignal form with Lynne Taylor .

Twelve string guitars, folk music, no computers, bliss.

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Twitter tip

 A YouTube video link in your  tweet gives a little movie symbol on the top right of your post which brings up the movie while still  in Twitter!

This is Cool.

Well I’m easily excited. Continue reading “Twitter tip”

Grouping by Dates in Pivot Tables Excel 2010/2007

How to summarise data in Pivot Tables using Dates. Very useful if you need to summarize point of sale data, maintenance or expense records by month, week or fortnight (14 days) Continue reading “Grouping by Dates in Pivot Tables Excel 2010/2007”

What makes a successful course?

This post is in response to a question I was asked a few weeks back. This is an issue I have been grappling with as I revelop and refocus my business. I’ll refine this as other factors occur to me.

Factors that make  a success if right

Prior Intelligence

Particularly essential for custom and on site courses (many one site course are custom in some way), I find it very useful to be able to talk to the client once the sales/account staff have done their part.

  • Version of Software the client has or is getting
  • How the client uses or plans to use the software
  • Clients objectives, current problems etc.
  • If they can send a sample of what they are needing to do or problems they are having
  • Skill levels of the trainees in the group, any questions coming from them… Continue reading “What makes a successful course?”

What makes good courseware?

Some initials thoughts discussing what I look for in courseware.

Motivated to write this because the quality of available courseware is uneven and it has come up a few times recently in discussion with colleagues. I am writing this from the trainers perspective. To my colleagues who write courseware, I’ll apologise in advance if I don’t use the right terminology. Continue reading “What makes good courseware?”

How to Create Calculated Items in Pivot Tables

Calculated Items in Excel Pivot Tables allow you to make categories from existing categories. This Tutorial shoes you how!

Continue reading “How to Create Calculated Items in Pivot Tables”

Web Application – .Net security

I was just listening to the Security Now Podcast and Steve Gibson was talking about a new .Net Vulnerability.

By way of background, I do classic ASP development and am moving to .net via SharePoint. As such I am aware of SQL injection and Cross Site Scripting issues with web based applications. I recommend people in this line, especially with public facing apps,  read up on the new vulnerability. Continue reading “Web Application – .Net security”