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Sunday Night Music # 7 Mr Frog went Courting

Continuing the tradition, of no technology for one post on Sunday night. (Usually the last post, but I have Captivate stress, so I am doing this early to relax!)

Featuring the Rooftop Singers, 12 string guitars and all,  doing a jazzy version of a folk song from 1548. Please Enjoy… Continue reading “Sunday Night Music # 7 Mr Frog went Courting”

Useful Resources, PowerPoint and Twitter

Yes, Twitter is more than just messages about when someone had a sandwich. Or the same commercial message over and over (which happens, if you do this, stop it now and find something unique to say).

For example PresenterNews has links to good resources tweeted regularly and if you follow, you will get a direct message which leads to more useful links. (I’m not going to repeat them here – do the “follow” thing and get them for yourself!!!) Continue reading “Useful Resources, PowerPoint and Twitter”

The True Value of Excel Training

A big part of what I do is Excel training particularly Intermediate, Advanced and custom courses. It is not unusual when you have just finished a demonstration or an exercise using a feature to hear a groan or a gasp from somewhere in the group, followed by comments like “I could have used this last week doing report x” or “This process will save me x hours every week” or “that will enable me to do a report I didn’t think we could do” .

As an aside, this is when you need the lesser known excel function =gobacktolastweek(1), where the argument or parameter is the number of weeks you need to go back in time, so you can use your new skill and save a bunch of time when you needed it. Continue reading “The True Value of Excel Training”

I’m from your ISP’s support department…

The I’m from your ISP’s support department phone call

Look folks, you know its a scam, I know its a scam. And I am just venting pointlessly, because,  only inter governmental police liaison will stop them.

It is rampant, I have had three call me in the last ten days.

Arrgh! – and now for some Hagar the Horrible style swearing @#$%^&!!!. Continue reading “I’m from your ISP’s support department…”

Sunday Night Music #6

Continuing the tradition, of no technology in the last post on Sunday night.

Versatile, Talented and Style

Mr Sammy Davis Jr Continue reading “Sunday Night Music #6”

Web Platform Installer

The Web PI allows you to install a range of Microsoft and Open Source technologies, frameworks and applications on a Windows PC running Internet Information Services (IIS)

This saves a lot of time. You can install PHP, MySql and other tools from their respective open source sites, but it is much easier this way. Continue reading “Web Platform Installer”

Convert Word 2007 into PDF with bookmarks

Two approaches to this task:

  • Using Word’s integration with Acrobat standard or Professional
  • Using Word’s own Saves as PDF or Send As PDF feature

Steps and Movies after the fold.  Continue reading “Convert Word 2007 into PDF with bookmarks”

Enquiry or Inquiry form?

This question comes up routinely on Dreamweaver courses. Thanks to my much thumbed copy of Partridge’s  Usage and Abusage (Penguin Reference Books) I can report that:

Blogs as a resource

Everything has a time management angle, finding useful information efficiently saves us time and helps us get things done faster. Corporate Blogs are a useful source of tips, articles, samples, templates and seminars. They also provide leads to other sources of information. Here’s a few of interest: Continue reading “Blogs as a resource”

A Sermon on the evils of Apparently Cheap Adobe Software

Brothers and Sisters,

Gather round…

I am often asked if  a cheap price on Adobe software is a good deal. Continue reading “A Sermon on the evils of Apparently Cheap Adobe Software”

Custom Courses

I am going to get a bit Tom Peters with this post, which will be a bunch of comments – use what you wish.

All on site courses are custom courses. If not we are missing an opportunity to give the client the tools they need to be solve problems that they have.

But to achieve a standardised (good) output on a non standard product requires extra preparation by all involved. Continue reading “Custom Courses”

Sunday Night Music #5 or Its sad the shape I’m in…

Continuing the tradition, of no technology in the last post on Sunday night.

It is odd how songs come to mind.

When I arrived on site recently, I was considering tweeting “Houston, the Eagle has landed” to signify my safe arrival with plenty of time in hand. For the rest of the day I found myself recalling the lyrics and tune of “Houston”. Which indicates my brain is wired in an odd way. Continue reading “Sunday Night Music #5 or Its sad the shape I’m in…”