Setting up Sharepoint

I am preparing for moving back into   SharePoint study and need to build some Virtual machines with SharePoint 2007 and 2010 to facilitate this.  I have had an amateur attempt at this a few months back and struggled due to lack of preparation. So this time I decided to start with a search for set up articles and this list is the result.

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Sunday Night Music – Matt Munro, Deborah Conway

Continuing the tradition, of no technology for one post on Sunday night.

A few songs this week, vastly different genres, to make up for missing last week.

Matt Munro

You Tube doesn’t do this justice – you need to watch the movie with a good surround sound set up. The music is haunting and beautiful. When I have I the mid life crisis sports car, I will drive to Pilton via Gatton and Ma Ma creek (nice winding roads) with this music on the stereo. Continue reading “Sunday Night Music – Matt Munro, Deborah Conway”

Certification Exam preparation tip

Don’t do your preparation exactly the way I did. Continue reading “Certification Exam preparation tip”

Sydney and Brisbane

A few thoughts from my recent trip to Sydney. It was interesting to visit the Sydney CBD for the first time in 7 or so years. Sydney provides an eye opening experience for a simple country boy from Brisbane. Continue reading “Sydney and Brisbane”

VLOOKUP tip sheet and more

I am often recommending the Microsoft Excel Blog as a useful resource to intermediate and advanced excel users. They have some good VLOOKUP articles there, that are worth passing on: Continue reading “VLOOKUP tip sheet and more”

How do you get a sheet name to print in a Cell?

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Excel resources for 77-602

General Advice

From my recent experience with another exam certification process I recommend:

  • Learn the software thoroughly
  • Poke around in the features you don’t use much
  • Learn the names of menu options and icons and the sequences to get to key tools
  • Don’t overlook the big picture – when and why  to use a particular tool or function
  • Use the exam objectives to identify your weak areas
  • Do as much hands on as you can to reinforce learning from courses and reading

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Over 1000 views

My YouTube channel has had over 1000 views. I know movies of cute puppies will get  this many views will get that many views in 10 minutes… but its a big deal for me. So see Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Acrobat and other tips at

Passed Adobe Exams

Over the weekend I passed the following exams:

  • 9A0-128 Adobe® Captivate 4 ACE Exam
  • 9A0-084 Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional® ACE Exam

Steven Knight

Sunday Night Music #8

Up to my neck in course preparation and exam preparation so, continuing the tradition, of no technology in the last post on Sunday night.

In  the mid-late sixties Dad bought an Isuzu Bellette, maroon, with seat belts front and back (which is why he chose it over the competition, seat belts all round was unusual then). The first song I remember on the push button radio was Georgie Girl… Continue reading “Sunday Night Music #8”

Outlook Exam 77-604: MOS: Using Microsoft Office Outlook 2007

Some notes and resources to assist people preparing for Outlook Exam 77-604:  MOS: Using Microsoft Office Outlook 2007

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Microsoft – Office 2010 New Features E-Book

Go to Microsoft Office – Training Portal look for the Special Offers section – you will find a special offer for an e-book. The book is the 202 pages Office 2010 First Look by Katherine Murray which overviews new features across the Office Suite, including some step by step walk throughs. It covers Word. Excel, PowerPoint and One Note, SharePoint and Access. It is available as in PDF or XPS formats.

You will need to create Windows Live ID and sign in. I’d recommend an explore of the Training Portal while you are there.


Useful MS Word Links

This is a quick collection of useful word links  for Word 2007 or later. Not a pretty document but some useful links


My You Tube Channel has a few Word related movies on it.  Don’t forget You Tube for specialist content like Word. For example, YouTube has 500+ movies on Word 2007 and forms. More Links after the fold.

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