How to do mathematically accurate Venn diagrams in Excel 2007

Question: How to do mathematically accurate Venn diagrams in Excel 2007 (as distinct from the ones in Smart Art)

Answer:  Widely discussed question on the web – there doesn’t appear to be a plug in for this

Looked in the Office Marketplace but couldn’t find anything close (The office marketplace also lacks decent search tools, so I might have missed it…)

There is an article on mathematically accurate Venn diagrams – which details building them up step by step at

I haven’t tried it – but it looks like it would work.


SharePoint reading and resources


A very short summary of SharePoint resources for the end user and trainer starting out on SharePoint. Continue reading “SharePoint reading and resources”

Twitter Lists make Twitter manageable. Here are some I made earlier…


Twitter is an undervalued resource for leads to IT and Business resources. But as I am only able to review my Twitter account every couple of days, I felt I wasn’t getting value out of it, just seeing masses of posts. So I have set up some lists, which filter the accounts you follow by categories you create.  I know I am the last person to discover this feature, but really useful, all the same!

You might find them useful, so here they are: Continue reading “Twitter Lists make Twitter manageable. Here are some I made earlier…”

Setting up ongoing access to another inbox in Outlook 2010 – Is this the best way?

Folks, we all know how easy it is in Outlook  to switch on and off your view of a shared Calendar, once sharing has been set up. You just click a check box, if you still have permission, you see the Calendar.

So we come to sharing Inboxes. In Outlook 2010, once sharing permissions have been given to you, you just go to the File tab and choose Open, Other User’s Folder. Every single time you need to access the Folder.

The question arises – how do we do this on an ongoing basis?

So based on an article on the Microsoft web site and bits I picked up in discussions on this point around the web, I have pieced the following rough outline together: Outline of process for feedback and comment (PDF)

And now I take my first steps into two way conversation using Twitter and LinkedIn. Crowd-sourcing, perhaps. Is the process I have outlined the best way??? – your comments please!


How do reduce the size of Captivate movies – Adobe’s suggestions and what I learned

This question always comes up on Captivate courses – especially with clients like mining and construction companies who will have widely dispersed trainees with poor quality  internet connections. Continue reading “How do reduce the size of Captivate movies – Adobe’s suggestions and what I learned”

SharePoint Resources and Technet


In a recent discussion about preparing for SharePoint study the discussion ranged over Technet and Podcasts and other resources people might find useful. Continue reading “SharePoint Resources and Technet”

Getting Flash Player and Acrobat Reader for including with E-Learning content on a DVD

If you are distributing E-Learning content via and Internet or Intranet, the easiest approach is to provide links to the latest player and reader:

For some organisations with users in remote areas eg mining and construction companies in rural and remote Australia, you will use media eg DVD to distribute your content where Internet/Intranet access is not reliable or is limited. You will find the on line forms and associated information you need to get a free licence to redistribute the Flash Player and the Acrobat Reader at:

Steven Knight

How big can a PDF be? / How do I read an Article in a PDF?

Q1. How big can a PDF be?

A. I haven’t found a reference to a maximum size.  Your ability to generate a PDF may be limited by your system resources. Continue reading “How big can a PDF be? / How do I read an Article in a PDF?”

Page Breaks in an existing PDF

Q. System XYZ outputs reports as a PDF – but the page breaks are in awkward places – can we add a page break to the existing PDF? Continue reading “Page Breaks in an existing PDF”

Excel Charts – Small and Large values on the same axis

This is a question that came up recently. My first thought was add a secondary axis, but in this case the small and large values were in the same series. I thought there might be something available as a third party add-in for Excel.

Solutions to Try

I did find an answer by Jon Peltier which looks good and gives step by step detail, but also appears to be a lot of work. This article provides links to alternative approaches at and – which has a zipped example to look at. If you are seriously  into graphs you should visit Jon Peltier’s blog. Continue reading “Excel Charts – Small and Large values on the same axis”

Four things to check when using Outlook 2010 for the first time.

For people moving to Outlook 2010, I have upload a video to YouTube covering: Four things to check when using Outlook 2010 for the first time.

These are:

1. Spelling
2. Signature
3. Contact Linking
4. Time Zones

I must remember not to gesture while I talk as I record, which leads me to bump the desk and the noise comes up through the microphone (which is on the desk)


Good Computer Security Advice for the normal PC user

At the start of each of my application courses at a major metropolitan University, I have been asked to hand out some security “postcards” and briefly discuss anti spyware/malware security precautions. The institute wants to reduce the incidence of staff bring in problems from home to the work network. A real concern to IT departments in this age of highly mobile devices of increasing power and usefulness. The official discussion often leads to a few questions seeking explanation of the threats and what to do in response.

So I have been looking for a good Security primer on line for the general person, that I can refer people to. Continue reading “Good Computer Security Advice for the normal PC user”

Acrobat Resource (and Acrobat and SharePoint)

In the past I have have posted links to various Acrobat resources. Adobe have now created an all encompassing Acrobat user resource that includes recorded how to video, forums, articles and live seminars. This can be found at

This seminar “Working together with Office and SharePoint” looks interesting. Australian (Brisbane) readers should note that the time translates to Thursday, 17 March 2011 at 3:00:00 AM. I can get up OK  for the 4:30 or 5pm seminars, for this I’ll set my alarm, wish me luck.