What to Listen to when doing your TAE40110 homework

The epitome of Cool circa 1966.
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Current Trainer Profile on-line

An updated trainer profile for Steven Knight (Me!) is now available for download




In Transition


My apologies for the lack of recent posts

I am currently in the process of transitioning back to being a fully freelance contract trainer, studying for my Certificate IV TAE and a SharePoint exam.  And I have been doing a few custom courses recently.

All of which doesn’t leave a lot of time for blog posts!

I have some posts planned including:

  • How to tell what version of SharePoint you have
  • Some video posts on  Pivot Tables and SharePoint/Office 365



SharePoint 2010 Browser Support

A short post answering a question. This article is a comprehensive run through of Browser support for SharePoint 2010. Doesn’t cover Google Chrome though…Read in full at: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc263526.aspx

Get The Point


As I have commented before this blog is part wiki, part my brain on a stick, and I hope resources and information I find useful will be of interest to you.

Having booked in for my SharePoint exam in late September, I went looking for some more resources to educate myself and found Microsoft’s Get the Point. Lots of good content on Governance and Planning, readable by a non Server Guru audience. Covers Office 365 as well and includes lots of video and diagrams.

I  need to find some good information on planning for SharePoint 2007 and 2010 users so will be going through this site in detail!




Office 365 First Impressions

First impressions after a long day exploring Office 365

  • Working from trial of basic level Office 365 plan
  • Looking as both trainer and likely small business user
  • I will comment further – these are my initial thoughts


  • From the end-user/skilled user perspective – much of whats good in SharePoint as made it into the online version. For me as a Trainer, this will help demonstrating and explaining features – from a hopefully stable cloud environment – give recent issues I have had with training environments  and SharePoint instability Continue reading “Office 365 First Impressions”

Sunday Night Music – Mama Don’t Allow

Too many spreadsheets, Word content controls and admin to do, so for a change of pace

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Mail Merge dates in the wrong format


I am doing a mail merge in Word with data from an Excel spreadsheet. One of the merge fields displays a date from a column in the Excel data, but the date doesn’t display in the expected format. How do I change the date format?


  1. Open the Word Document
  2. Right click on the Date field
  3. Choose Toggle Field codes Continue reading “Mail Merge dates in the wrong format”

Starting off with Office 365

My third little project is Office 365 (the other two are SharePoint 2010 exam and Trainer Certification)

So now I am beginning my trial of Office 365. Looking forward to this – if it lives up to expectations Office 365 will make some powerful technology available to small business and micro business who can’t afford in house server admin staff. We shall see!

So gathering together some resources to get familiar before I start:

From the Office Blogs and Technet:

SharePoint Resources

Found these via references in LinkedIn Group discussions:

The Microsoft site advises that “The Productivity Hub is a Microsoft SharePoint Server  site collection that offers training materials for end-users.”

I am downloading them both now – looks like a bit of a project, but both sets come with instructions.



Certificate IV in Training and Assessment TAE40110

Another little project I have started, as part of the bringing my skills up to date part of the business plan, is doing the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment TAE40110 as an evening course over the next few months.  Should be interesting to see what has changed since I did my original trainer certification in 1998.

Thought about going down the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) route, but the cost is the same as attending the course, and one of my objectives is to give my technique a brush up. The second key aim is for marketing and promotion where many jobs have this as a selection criteria. The third goal is to combine with some certifications to apply for Certified Trainer” status with Adobe and later Microsoft.


SharePoint Exam 77-886

Microsoft have released Exam 77-886: SharePoint 2010 for advanced SharePoint users, who are beyond the adding content level and use SharePoint features to create solutions. It’s a very comprehensive examination of SharePoint features. Next week I will be booking an exam for sometime in September – I will report  cost etc as I proceed. I find doing a certification exam makes you “look in all the obscure corners” and get properly across all the features of a software  package. Setting a date and booking an exam is a crude but effective time management tool for making sure it happens!



Sunday Night Music – Pivot tables – the Musical!

Pivot Tables Make Everything Just Right

A class project featured on YouTube and Blogs.Office.Com singing the praises of Pivot Tables

Just watch and enjoy, or go through to YouTube -where you can expand the info section to see the words and sing along..