Some Assorted Acrobat X Questions Answered

This post is a grab bag of answers to Assorted Acrobat questions that have come up recently. Continue reading “Some Assorted Acrobat X Questions Answered”

SharePoint and E-Learning Integration

This post gives a couple of leads to answer a question that I have encountered on SharePoint and Captivate courses – Is there an LMS for SharePoint? I was aware there was a commercial solution, but not of options where the budget was more limited.

As I have been catching up on my LinkedIn Groups – an excellent resource which I have much neglected while working on exams, business building and my Trainer certification over the last few months – I followed some suggested links and found myself at CodePlex. I will do a separate post about CodePlex.

At Codeplex I found two potentially useful tools

Completed TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Just got my certificate from Southbank Institute of Technology.


And now something light to celebrate – a short Pixar film showing how to conduct an assessment!




SharePoint WSS 3 Resource

Just a quick post – a link to Microsoft’s WSS 3 page and to SharePoint Foundations


Shortest Post, Ever…



Passed Microsoft Office Specialist – SharePoint 2010!! (Exam 77-886)

Just passed the 77-886 MOS SharePoint 2010 Exam. Given I have agreed to the non-disclosure clause about six times, I can’t discuss what is in the exam.

What I can say is I found it very useful to prepare for and do this exam. It’s not a server guru type exam – it is aimed at skilled end users, trainers and people who need a good broad knowledge of SharePoint (and need evidence of that knowledge) – eg if you are member of a SharePoint implementation team (or would like to be) or have a role in encouraging adoption in your workplace. The work you do in preparing for this exam will help you obtain that knowledge – it certainly help me fill in many gaps in my knowledge and realise the full scope of SharePoint 2010.

As a trainer doing more and more in this area – it will help establish some credibility.

Preparation tips


  • I  have listed books and resources elsewhere in the blog. Study the topics in the outline provided by Microsoft.
  • Read, listen and watch as much as you can
  • I also found some good little videos on YouTube by Jessica Meats whose blog is here. The videos are short, well structured and don’t spend 2/3 of the time explaining the video makers other services. Good, clear and to the point. Well done Jess!
  • Get as much hands on practice as you can, Explore and Practice!


  • Try to prepare for this after a major client has collapsed, throwing your schedule and cash flow into chaos. It can be done, but I am sooo tired.

Thank you for your interest.


Guides to Quick Reference Guides

Over the next few weeks I will have to put together some quick reference guides for assorted courses.

There is a growing shift way from conventional printed manuals to on-line versions and double sided printed quick reference guides. Driven by cost, and the reasonable suspicion  that most manuals wind up as book ends.

I have found some interesting resources while preparing for this that I thought I would share with you. Continue reading “Guides to Quick Reference Guides”

ITTS demise

Wasn’t sure what to say about this….

So I’ll find something positive:- about the people who were there Continue reading “ITTS demise”

MOS 2010 Study Guide for Microsoft® SharePoint®

Now given I have signed the non disclosure agreement for the MOS SharePoint Exam 77-886 (5 times so far due to the exam freezing!), I can’t tell you what is in it. I don’t yet actually know whats in it!.

However, people have asked me about preparation resources for the exam- and I have just found the book below on Safari Books Online. You can also get it for  the Kindle via Amazon – see ad below. Continue reading “MOS 2010 Study Guide for Microsoft® SharePoint®”

My SharePoint Exam Postponed


Thank you to all of those of you who have expressed support and interest my progress on the exam 77-886. On Friday,  the testing simulation froze about four times in the first few questions – I am now trying again on next Friday. The testing centre people were very helpful and efficient.

So more news next week


Useful document from Microsoft to help with adoption and training for SharePoint 2010

If you have to facilitate end user adoption and training for SharePoint 2010 then go an read this well written document from Microsoft. It is part of the resources at I Use

Office 365 E-Book from Microsoft

In my second month of using Office 365/SharePoint online, I am impressed (even though I have encountered a few snags here and there. A full report will follow, for the moment, here is a link to an Office 365 E-Book from Microsoft.

The link will also lead you into a  useful set of  Office 365 Blogs and discussion forum




Captivate 5 Courseware

Q What Course-ware do you use for Captivate?


I use and recommend the Captivate Manuals form Icon Logic available from Amazon or from the author (who also has a good newsletter)

These books are 2 days each in full, but I have done customised courses over 2 or 3 days

SharePoint 2010 Reference Books, Study and Training Resources

Q What do I study to prepare for Exam 77-886?

Q What resources are there to help prepare for SharePoint 2010 training of end users?


As the answers overlap this post is a mixture of resources useful: