What I learned from FLOSS Weekly this week

I should listen to FLOSS weekly more often – it is always good value. This week I learnt about Chamilo – an alternative Learning Management System (LMS) to Moodle.

The interview was very informative and has inspired me to  download and experiment with it. I will post a review.


Two free, good quality Online Training Resources to share

Two free, good quality resources to explore

Internet Explorer CSS Tips

F12 Internet Explorer Developer Tools for Troubleshooting CSS Issues

A quick tip I picked up from a Microsoft SharePoint tutorial – on CSS and SharePoint was that in IE9 – the F12 function key brings up a set of useful  developer tools. This will be very helpful to me in troubleshooting a new page layout for a client – which behaves itself in all browsers except Internet Explorer.

IE10 Compatibility Checker

While I am sorting out IE9 issues – it will be handy to test for potential IE10 issues while I am about it – learn more about the IE10 Compat Inspector 

Eating that Frog

My Apologies for the long time between posts.

I have been busy eating frogs, which is a reference to a time management technique where you deal with the problem tasks and things you don’t enjoy doing to clear the way for activities you want to do. So I have been eating several frogs so I can move forward.

To learn about eating your own frogs you can get the book as an audio book or in dead tree form.

More Tips, videos etc soon



Practice in LiveCycle Designer

This movie allows you to practice setting up the environment in LiveCycle Designer as a first step to creating calculations

The movie is quite wide – you may need to scroll to the right to see it properly 1280×720 2MB swf

Movie after the break Continue reading “Practice in LiveCycle Designer”

Simple Calculations in LiveCycle Designer

The following flash movie shows how to create simple calculations in LiveCycle Designer

An important initial step is not shown in the video – choosing the scripting language.

In the video I am using FormCalc

To set the form to use FormCalc

  1. Select File Menu
  2. Choose Form Properties
  3. Click the Default Tab or Page
  4. Select FormCalc (the alternative is JavaScript)
  5. Click OK

The  video is in swf format and is 1270×720 of around 6MB, you may need to scroll to the right to see it properly – when time permits I’ll tidy up the positioning.

Video after the break Continue reading “Simple Calculations in LiveCycle Designer”

Sunday Night Music – Music to do LiveCycle homework by from a time before Stress

Haven’t done a Sunday Night Music for a while.

Doing some LiveCycle homework – needed something from a time before stress was invented to work by – and here it is

Video after the fold..

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Sunday Night Science – Lego Man in Space


I am a Geek, so I have to share this…

Canadian Students sent a Lego man into space attached to a Weather Balloon – Video after the fold.. Continue reading “Sunday Night Science – Lego Man in Space”

Microsoft Certified Trainer Achieved and Objectives for 2012

I have just received advice from Microsoft that I have been accepted as Microsoft Certified Trainer!

To achieve  this I passed the SharePoint Office Specialist exam and completed my Certificate IV Trainer and Assessor (so I had evidence of Instructor Skills)




I love it when a plan comes together… Continue reading “Microsoft Certified Trainer Achieved and Objectives for 2012”

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment TAE40110

I have had a few questions about this recently, so here is a brief Q and A discussing cost, why, RPL and time commitments.

Q Why did you do it?

I had a Cert III from a long time ago. As part of my planning in late 2010/early 2011, I reviewed the job ads in Seek and similar resources. All the trainers jobs and contracts were asking for Cert IV.  I also needed a current training certification as part of meeting the standards for Adobe and Microsoft trainer certification programs. In late 2010/early 2011, I was looking at broadening my client base, the Cert IV was an important marketing tool.

Q Why didn’t you just RPL?

It costs the same to do the subject as it does to go through the Recognition of Prior Learning process and I’d have to prepare evidence as well. So I thought doing the course would spread out the work and I might learn something (I did). Continue reading “Certificate IV in Training and Assessment TAE40110”

Acrobat X – How do I add an Image to an existing PDF?


This is a short silent video which illustrates adding an image to an existing PDF. Continue reading “Acrobat X – How do I add an Image to an existing PDF?”

Some Assorted Acrobat X Questions Answered

This post is a grab bag of answers to Assorted Acrobat questions that have come up recently. Continue reading “Some Assorted Acrobat X Questions Answered”

SharePoint and E-Learning Integration

This post gives a couple of leads to answer a question that I have encountered on SharePoint and Captivate courses – Is there an LMS for SharePoint? I was aware there was a commercial solution, but not of options where the budget was more limited.

As I have been catching up on my LinkedIn Groups – an excellent resource which I have much neglected while working on exams, business building and my Trainer certification over the last few months – I followed some suggested links and found myself at CodePlex. I will do a separate post about CodePlex.

At Codeplex I found two potentially useful tools