How I did this Part 1, or Why WordPress?

This post discusses how I chose WordPress over other options. I will explore the set up process in more detail in future posts.


Based on recommendations from a colleague, I found HostGator, a low cost hosting service, that supported a range of open source products and tools. (I have also found HostGator’s service good – have had problems due to a long time lag between creating accounts and actually using them and have had them fixed easily). If  you decide to use HostGator yourself, use the coupon code: sktraining092010 to get an $9.94 discount off the package price.

HostGator support php/mysql, Joomla, WordPress and even Ruby and a range of open source tools and products. So this gave me my base to build on.

Option1 – Write my own database backed site using php and MySql


This would have been a good learning exercise, and would build on existing skills. I routinely use Dreamweaver to create ASP pages that talk to Access and now also  SQL server databases. I have also done some work in php/mysql – to build the sign up/payment processing/storing outcomes and user details in an MySQl db for a charity bike ride. Continue reading “How I did this Part 1, or Why WordPress?”