Let my dataset change your mindset

While I am on my data analysis kick, I have been watching data related TED talks. This talk by Hans Rosling very effectively explores using data collected over time to understand change and to correct outdated perceptions. The tool Hans Continue Reading

Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are

Today I am recommending the Amy Cuddy presentation “Your body language shapes who you are” . The presentation explores the relationship between positive postures and behaviour.

I can see applications for this for trainers and presenters especially.

I like the way many Ted Talks are backed by research and experiments – as is the case here. Having seen to many body language as entertainment presentations on tabloid TV – I am a bit wary – but I was swayed by the supporting science.

Amy also used a good presentation technique in that she gave the audience one effective technique to take away and use. Continue Reading

TED Talks – Daphne Koller, What we are learning from on-line education

An excellent talk I have just watched on my TV via Boxee, was at TED Talks – Daphne Koller, What we are learning from on-line education. You don’t need a smart TV, just follow the link!

Daphne explores the benefits of using on line education tools in a university environment. Continue Reading