How do I find out about IT security threats without the media hype?

Listen to Security Now!

I was on the road this afternoon, so I had the chance to listen to episode number 392 of Security Now. While I am a long time advocate of Security Now, I recognise it can be a bit geek heavy in places. That said, I urge any one who works in or with IT to listen to the first two thirds of episode 392 for the discussion with hosts Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson and guest Brian Krebs covering “Organized crime on the Internet, botnets, ransomware, and more”. The interview will give you an overview of what is happening on the dark side free of media hype. The tone is informal, informative and the language isn’t geek heavy, and is suitable for all levels of IT knowledge.

Allow about an hour for the interview, if you can spare the time catch the whole show for which you’ll need 1 hour 30 minutes. Security Now is best consumed as the audio version.

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How long will your password stand up under a brute force attack?

Steve Gibson of the Security Now Podcast is always good value. He has created a client side (ie you will need Javascript enabled) application to tell you how long a password will stand up under a brute force attack. Try this with your favourite password at

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Good Computer Security Advice for the normal PC user

While I listen regularly to Security Now, it is not aimed at the general user , it is more for the IT worker or enthusiast. On a recent episode Steve Gibson recommended a useful resource for the general PC user at I have explored it a little and can say its a very useful site for the non geek. Continue Reading