Resources for SharePoint 2010 Backup

How does SharePoint Backup and Restore work
I have had a few questions about this recently, SharePoint backup is a little out of my normal territory. But there are a lot of IT people who have to look after SharePoint sites who may not have this information to hand and since I’ve had questions, I have put together some resources to get you started. Continue Reading

Give me 8 minutes to learn how to Search SharePoint 2010 and Office 365/SharePoint Online

How to use Search, Scopes and Refiners in SharePoint For SharePoint 2010 and Office 365/SharePoint Online users РA short tutorial on using Search to find documents and items in SharePoint. As a side note РI think I have sorted the Continue Reading

SharePoint 2010 Reference Books, Study and Training Resources

This post is a mixture of resources useful

when preparing for for the SharePoint 2010 End User Exam (which I am doing on 30 September)
for preparing for SharePoint training within an organisation – (also working on that!) Continue Reading

SharePoint 2010 Browser Support

A short post answering a question. This article is a comprehensive run through of Browser support for SharePoint 2010. Doesn’t cover Google Chrome though…Read in full at Continue Reading

Get The Point

As I have commented before this blog is part wiki, part my brain on a stick, and I hope resources and information I find useful will be of interest to you.

Having booked in for my SharePoint exam in late Spetember, I went looking for some more resources to educate myself and found Microsoft’s Get the Point. Lots of good content on Governance and Planning, readable by a non Server Guru audience. Covers Office 365 as well and includes lots of video and diagrams.

I need to find some good information on planning for SharePoint 2007 and 2010 users so will be going through this site in detail! Continue Reading

SharePoint Resources

Found these via references in LinkedIn Group discussions:

Productivity Hub 2010
SharePoint Productivity Hub 2007
The Microsoft site advises that “The Productivity Hub is a Microsoft SharePoint Server site collection that offers training materials for end-users.”

I am downloading them both now – looks like a bit of a project, but both sets come with instructions. Continue Reading

SharePoint Exam 77-886

Microsoft have released Exam 77-886: SharePoint 2010 for advanced SharePoint users, who are beyond the adding content level and use SharePoint features to create solutions. It’s a very comprehensive examination of SharePoint features. Next week I will be booking an exam for sometime in September – I will report cost etc as I proceed. I find doing a certification exam makes you “look in all the obscure corners” and get properly across all the features of a software package. Setting a date and booking an exam is a crude but effective time management tool for making sure it happens! Continue Reading

Is your Gum upside-down? The value of SharePoint 2010 Business Intelligence

I have just been catching up on my pod cast listening while cleaning up my office (a task worthy of Time Team and also really requiring three days). Episode 56 of the SharePoint Pod Show ( available via iTunes) has an interesting interview with Jeff Huckaby. In the interview they discuss the practical application of reports in SharePoint to a nationwide Truck Stop business. Continue Reading

Starting to Learn about SharePoint Designer and InfoPath

InfoPath and Designer
A good video lead in to using SharePoint Designer and InfoPath by Asif Rehmani – I found this very clear and useful, stick around to listen to the questions and answers at the end. Continue Reading

SharePoint reading and resources


A short summary of SharePoint resources for the end user and trainer starting out on SharePoint

Steven Continue Reading