SharePoint 2007 – rich text and other form fields not working in Internet Explorer?

SharePoint 2007 – rich text and other form fields not working in Internet Explorer?

If you have this problem, you may have just upgraded to IE10.

The solution is easy, you need to switch on compatibility mode in IE 10. At this point, I will direct you to Cory Peters who will show you how to do this (its easy)

This issue is likely to crop up more as SharePoint 2007 persists and browser progress.. Continue Reading

Get The Point

As I have commented before this blog is part wiki, part my brain on a stick, and I hope resources and information I find useful will be of interest to you.

Having booked in for my SharePoint exam in late Spetember, I went looking for some more resources to educate myself and found Microsoft’s Get the Point. Lots of good content on Governance and Planning, readable by a non Server Guru audience. Covers Office 365 as well and includes lots of video and diagrams.

I need to find some good information on planning for SharePoint 2007 and 2010 users so will be going through this site in detail! Continue Reading

SharePoint Resources

Found these via references in LinkedIn Group discussions:

Productivity Hub 2010
SharePoint Productivity Hub 2007
The Microsoft site advises that “The Productivity Hub is a Microsoft SharePoint Server site collection that offers training materials for end-users.”

I am downloading them both now – looks like a bit of a project, but both sets come with instructions. Continue Reading

SharePoint reading and resources


A short summary of SharePoint resources for the end user and trainer starting out on SharePoint

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