Sunday Night Music – Mama Don’t Allow

Too many spreadsheets, Word content controls and admin to do, so for a change of pace

Here are the 12 string guitars of the Rooftop singers once again… Continue reading “Sunday Night Music – Mama Don’t Allow”

Sunday Night Music

Continuing my practice of the last post on Sunday night reflecting my varied (eccentric?) musical taste and not involving computers at all…

Rooftop Singers – Walk Right In Continue reading “Sunday Night Music”

Sunday Night Music # 7 Mr Frog went Courting

Continuing the tradition, of no technology for one post on Sunday night. (Usually the last post, but I have Captivate stress, so I am doing this early to relax!)

Featuring the Rooftop Singers, 12 string guitars and all,  doing a jazzy version of a folk song from 1548. Please Enjoy… Continue reading “Sunday Night Music # 7 Mr Frog went Courting”

Sunday Night Music

Dear Reader,

I am going to have a tradition, starting now, of doing one non work related post on a Sunday night and to reflect my eclectic musical taste. To begin, this is the Rooftop Singers from the early 1960’s in their orignal form with Lynne Taylor .

Twelve string guitars, folk music, no computers, bliss.

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