Snipping and Screenshot Tools

For people needing to put together system user guides and training notes, who need to get screen captures , Windows 7 offers the Snipping Tool and Office 2010 has the Screenshot tool. These two movies briefly show how to use them. Continue Reading

Microsoft – Office 2010 New Features E-Book

Microsoft – Office 2010 New Features E-Book. The book is the 202 pages Office 2010 First Look by Katherine Murray which overviews new features across the Office Suite, including some step by step walk throughs. Continue Reading

Convert Word 2007 into PDF with bookmarks

Two approaches to this task:

Using Word’s integration with Acrobat standard or Professional
Using Word’s own Saves as PDF or Send As PDF feature Continue Reading

This week’s links

This week I have useful links for WebCasts and CSS Tutorials Continue Reading

Acrobat 9 and Office 2007/2010 Integration

During a recent on site Acrobat 9 course, I had a mixture of Office 2007 and Office 2010. The Office 2010 users either had no Adobe tab on the ribbon, or problems when they went to use it. The Office 2007 users were OK in this case, but have had problems before so I include some links here for their use.

For Ofice 2010 users, for the moment, you can create pdfs by the printing method, but you loose some of the nice integration benefits eg bookmarks created from Word heading styles.
Continue Reading