The True Value of Excel Training

A big part of what I do is Excel training particularly Intermediate, Advanced and custom courses. It is not unusual when you have just finished a demonstration or an exercise using a feature to hear a groan or a gasp from somewhere in the group, followed by comments like “I could have used this last week doing report x” or “This process will save me x hours every week” or “that will enable me to do a report I didn’t think we could do” .

As an aside, this is when you need the lesser known excel function =gobacktolastweek(1), where the argument or parameter is the number of weeks you need to go back in time, so you can use your new skill and save a bunch of time when you needed it. Continue reading “The True Value of Excel Training”

What makes good courseware?

Some initials thoughts discussing what I look for in courseware.

Motivated to write this because the quality of available courseware is uneven and it has come up a few times recently in discussion with colleagues. I am writing this from the trainers perspective. To my colleagues who write courseware, I’ll apologise in advance if I don’t use the right terminology. Continue reading “What makes good courseware?”