Passed Microsoft Office Specialist – SharePoint 2010!! (Exam 77-886)

Just passed the 77-886 MOS SharePoint 2010 Exam. Given I have agreed to the non-disclosure clause about six times, I can’t discuss what is in the exam.

What I can say is I found it very useful to prepare for and do this exam. It’s not a server guru type exam – it is aimed at skilled end users, trainers and people who need a good broad knowledge of SharePoint (and need evidence of that knowledge) – eg if you are member of a SharePoint implementation team (or would like to be) or have a role in encouraging adoption in your workplace. The work you do in preparing for this exam will help you obtain that knowledge – it certainly help me fill in many gaps in my knowledge and realise the full scope of SharePoint 2010.

As a trainer doing more and more in this area – it will help establish some credibility.

Preparation tips


  • I  have listed books and resources elsewhere in the blog. Study the topics in the outline provided by Microsoft.
  • Read, listen and watch as much as you can
  • I also found some good little videos on YouTube by Jessica Meats whose blog is here. The videos are short, well structured and don’t spend 2/3 of the time explaining the video makers other services. Good, clear and to the point. Well done Jess!
  • Get as much hands on practice as you can, Explore and Practice!


  • Try to prepare for this after a major client has collapsed, throwing your schedule and cash flow into chaos. It can be done, but I am sooo tired.

Thank you for your interest.