Give me 27 minutes to help you with Tables, Repeating Rows and Formulas in LiveCycle Designer

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Dynamic Tables
Using drop down lists in formulas
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Practice in LiveCycle Designer

This movie allows you to practice setting up the environment in LiveCycle Designer as a first step to creating calculations

The movie is quite wide – you may need to scroll to the right to see it properly 1280×720 2MB swf

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Simple Calculations in LiveCycle Designer

The following flash movie shows how to create simple calculations in LiveCycle Designer

An important initial step is not shown in the video – choosing the scripting language.

In the video I am using FormCalc

To set the form to use FormCalc
1.Select File Menu
2.Choose Form Properties
3.Click the Default Tab or Page
4.Select FormCalc (the alternative is JavaScript)
5.Click OK

The video is in swf format and is 1270×720 of around 6MB, you may need to scroll to the right to see it properly – when time permits I’ll tidy up the positioning.

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Some Assorted Acrobat X Questions Answered

This post is a grab bag of answers to Assorted Acrobat questions that have come up recently. Includes details of three useful reference books. Continue Reading