Make your email signature mobile device friendly, from the Grumpy Trainer

A few common older email signature practices aren’t mobile friendly, so here are my tips to make it easier for me to call you from an email on my phone:

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Not Happy Adobe! Activation Issues

About 10 days ago I moved to the Adobe E-Learning Suite 2.5 using the subscription model. After carefully reviewing the licence agreement, I determined I would be able install on my main desktop PC and the laptop provided both were not to used at once (there is only one of me- so this is unlikely)

So I signed up, downloaded and installed on PC and laptop.

All good and ready for me to do a couple of projects with Dreamweaver and Captivate and to prepare for the Acrobat X and Captivate 5.5 exams.

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Not Happy! Microsoft Windows Phone and Office 365

I have a rule not to blog angry. It can give the wrong impression. I am for example preparing some really positive video tutorials covering useful things to do with SharePoint Online, Windows phone and OneNote 2010. Lots of good things to say which I will save for a later post.

Because I am grumpy now.

I recently updated my password for Office 365. Good practice – Yes. A Mistake – Yes

Spent the following ten days unable to send or recieve email via my windows phone (well via windows live mail, I could – but not via my work email) Over the course of week followed the diagnostic steps provided by the Tsuite help desk several times (Office 365 is run by Telstra in Australia) I eventually booked in a Telstra “Tech bar” in the city and after some persistent and professional work over a couple of hours by the tech (Matt) I was up and running. Continue Reading