Too Many Different Cell Formats Error – Excel 2007/Excel 2010

This error can arise when you go to paste data at the end of a list or in a large spreadsheet where some of the following conditions apply:

The True Value of Excel Training

A big part of what I do is Excel training particularly Intermediate, Advanced and custom courses. It is not unusual when you have just finished a demonstration or an exercise using a feature to hear a groan or a gasp from somewhere in the group, followed by comments like “I could have used this last week doing report x” or “This process will save me x hours every week” or “that will enable me to do a report I didn’t think we could do” .

As an aside, this is when you need the lesser known excel function =gobacktolastweek(1), where the argument or parameter is the number of weeks you need to go back in time, so you can use your new skill and save a bunch of time when you needed it. Continue reading “The True Value of Excel Training”

How to Create Calculated Items in Pivot Tables

Calculated Items in Excel Pivot Tables allow you to make categories from existing categories. This Tutorial shoes you how!

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Calculated Fields in Pivot Tables

The following short movie illustrates preparing calculated fields in pivot tables in Excel 2010. This technique is very similar for Excel 2007.  This is the first of a short series on Pivot Tables that I am preparing.

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Conditional formatting of columns in Excel 2007

We can easily do conditional formatting of columns in Excel 2007. A common questions is how to format a row based on a value in the row. Watch this movie to see how.

This is an older movie prepared in Captivate 4, exported as an avi and then converted using Adobe Media Encoder, before being uploaded to You Tube. It was prepared to answer a support call from a course.

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