My You Tube Channel and Twitter Feed

My You Tube Channel and Twitter Feed, This is where you will find new tutorials posted as I answer questions and experiment with Captivate and Camtasia. I am finding Twitter really interesting. I know it is mostly seen as a social tool – but I am finding it a good way of getting information on developments and news by interesting people and companies. Continue Reading

What makes good courseware?

For office applications, the smorgasbord structure can be fine. In this approach the manual covers a list of features appropriate to the level.

For more complex software, I find courseware that follows the process of using the software to do a task is better. This is a major weakness of much of the Dreamweaver and Acrobat courseware I have encountered. The successful use of this approach is why I use and recommend of the Captivate work books by IconLogic
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Links and Resources

Added two pages with links and resources for Dreamweaver and Captivate. Continue Reading

Captivate – Removing the Captivate logo from the skins

This is a question that has come up on Captivate Courses – How do I remove the Captivate logo from the skins Continue Reading