MOS 2010 Study Guide for Microsoft® SharePoint®

However, people have asked me about preparation resources for the exam- and I have just found the book below on Safari Books Online. You can also get it for the Kindle via Amazon Continue Reading

My SharePoint Exam Postponed


Thank you to all of those of you who have expressed support and interest the exam 77-886. After freezing about four times in the first few questions – I am now trying again on next Friday. The testing centre people were very helpful and efficient.

So more news next week

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SharePoint Exam 77-886

Microsoft have released Exam 77-886: SharePoint 2010 for advanced SharePoint users, who are beyond the adding content level and use SharePoint features to create solutions. It’s a very comprehensive examination of SharePoint features. Next week I will be booking an exam for sometime in September – I will report cost etc as I proceed. I find doing a certification exam makes you “look in all the obscure corners” and get properly across all the features of a software package. Setting a date and booking an exam is a crude but effective time management tool for making sure it happens! Continue Reading