Inspired by Boxee and the Twit network

In the last week, I have moved from an old CRT style TV to a flat screen LED TV and a D-Link Boxee Box. Continue reading “Inspired by Boxee and the Twit network”

Two free, good quality Online Training Resources to share

Two free, good quality resources to explore

Get The Point


As I have commented before this blog is part wiki, part my brain on a stick, and I hope resources and information I find useful will be of interest to you.

Having booked in for my SharePoint exam in late September, I went looking for some more resources to educate myself and found Microsoft’s Get the Point. Lots of good content on Governance and Planning, readable by a non Server Guru audience. Covers Office 365 as well and includes lots of video and diagrams.

I  need to find some good information on planning for SharePoint 2007 and 2010 users so will be going through this site in detail!




Free simple guide to Numbering to Headings and Paragraphs in Word 2010/2007

Please complete the simple form below and I will send you a link to download a four page guide to Applying Numbering to Headings One to Three and Paragraphs (as you might use in a legal environment) using Word 2010.

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Do Trainers and other IT Consultants need to understand the Sales process?

As a trainer working for Training Providers my view of the World was that I provided the best trainer I could and the Training Provider would look after the process of selling to clients.

My world view has changed and I started to get interested in the Sales Process because:

  • I wanted to be sure I was helping to generate repeat business
  • I increasingly find myself accompanying Sales staff to meetings with Clients to help turn training needs into courses and other activities

So I felt I needed to understand the process better. As I have been working on re-building my business I have realised that this understanding is essential.

So via ITUNES I found the Advanced Selling Podcast by Bill Caskey and Brian  Neale. While the intended audience is sales people, I think any contractor will find value in their problem solving approach. The podcast is based around listener submitted questions.

They have recently started the Whiteboard Wednesday video series and an Advanced Selling Podcast LinkedIn Group

Your thoughts please

Steven Knight, IT Trainer