Office 365 Seminar and Webinar

End user adoption and engagement come up a lot on Office 365 courses (training key users and champions). It is a very relevant topic. Two interesting and upcoming events, both of which clash with work for me…. Webinar: 3 Ways to Continue Reading

LiveCycle Designer Links

Some quick links for those starting to work  with calculations in LiveCycle Designer forms. Looking at conducting an online seminar on calculation basics in October 2016. More soon… This is the FormCalc reference. As a guide: if you are comfortable Continue Reading

Be present when listening

My pick from my Sunday breakfast watching TED Talks is Celeste Headlee: 10 ways to have a better conversation. My takeaway is: “Be present when listening” I am aware that when listening to trainees tell me about their requirements at the start of Continue Reading

Two Live Cycle Designer Questions

Q. Can I total values in a table, e.g. one amount in a number field per row? To cover a related question, this approach should work for check boxes in a table which gave been allocated values Assuming you have Continue Reading

Ted Talk- “This is what happens when you reply to spam email”

A Ted talk to lighten your day: James Veitch: This is what happens when you reply to spam email. I usually recommend deeper technical or data oriented TED talks. This one is fun and good place to start with TED talks.

Power BI Windows 10 universal app and Power BI Desktop update

As people may know I am currently doing the Data Analysis course via Duke University and Coursera. While I am my data kick I am keeping track of news of new and updated tools. And so I have two bits Continue Reading

Why is PowerPivot not in all Versions of Excel?

Not all versions of Excel are created equal. For Excel 2013 and Excel 2016, many common versions of the the Office suite do not support PowerPivot. The linked article clearly outlines the situation for Excel 2016 (thank you to PowerPivotPro and Rob Continue Reading

Boagworld on Intranets

Boagworld Podcast  features Gerry McGovern in this weeks podcast. While its not about SharePoint – covering Intranet effectiveness, end user adoption and getting management buy in/support are very effectively addressed. People involved in SharePoint sites and roll-outs would benefit from listening Continue Reading

Ben Wellington: How we found the worst place to park in New York City — using big data

This is an excellent Ted talk about open data, gives practical examples and raises the need for consistent standards for data provided by Government. There is a follow on discussion needed here about government making data public and in a Continue Reading

SharePoint pre course checklist

My name is Steven Knight, I train end user and site owner SharePoint courses from Bundaberg to Perth. Ideally I’d like to have access to your SharePoint training environment before a course to do these checks, but that’s not always Continue Reading

My US Trip Sway

Via Sway, pictures from my trip, San Francisco, Petaluma and Chicago on my way to Microsoft Ignite!

Three TED Talks that got me thinking

TED Talks always get me thinking Let me share these with you (after the fold)

Office 365 Video Tutorial Materials

For post course support and for large dispersed organisations I can see a role for video tutorials. I am about to prepare some Office 365/SharePoint Tutorials using Captivate 7. In addition to the material available from Microsoft (see this post Continue Reading