OneNote for Teachers

A very good short video showing practical examples of teachers and students using OneNote with the classroom add in  a school with Office 365. I think this has applications for business and IT training as well.


Moto G4 Plus and Office 365

Key points after two weeks experience, coming from old Windows Phone

  • phone will upgrade to Android 7 straight away
  • Works in with Office 365 perfectly, notifications available and pretty seamless. As good as Windows Phone or to be honest, better.
  • Android Phone gestures are different to Windows. have adjusted after a week…
  • Camera is amazing. Google Assistant in Photos is interesting!
  • With typical use for me – off during courses, battery life is into two days, more intensive use – at least  one full business day. Recharging is fast
  • As G5 and G5 Plus have come out, the G4 Plus is good value around $299  and less online


Moto G 4 Plus




My 2017/2018 Plan


Faced with a rapidly changing environment, I have made a plan. Boiled down to its essentials this is it: “Identify areas to focus on and focus like crazy.”

The results of the first take are below…

Working on a personal plan to go with this

Office 365

I have identified the following areas to build on for extending my Office 365 scope. My general theme is still end user oriented, no code solutions :

  • Power Apps and Flow
  • Power BI
  • IRM (Information Rights Management) and related features DLP, AIP
  • Staff Hub

Business and Skill development

  • Finish my online e-learning course i am “attending”- very useful – 50% of the way through
  • Reviving my sadly neglected YouTube channel
  • conducting short live, one topic events online

Things to Maintain and keep up to date

  • Office 2016 especially Excel and OneNote
  • Office 365 general skills

comments and suggestions welcome

Guides to switching to Office 365

Guides to switching to Office 365 via Kirsty McGrath on LinkedIn




Office 365 Seminar and Webinar

End user adoption and engagement come up a lot on Office 365 courses (training key users and champions). It is a very relevant topic.

Two interesting and upcoming events, both of which clash with work for me….


3 Ways to Speed Office 365 Adoption – Webinar

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017 | 9:30am IST | 12pm SGT | 2pm AEST


How to Create Sustainable User Engagement for Office 365 and SharePoint

by Sharing Minds & LiveTiles


  • Tue, May 16, 2017
  • 8:30 AM – 10:30 AM AEST


Microsoft Australia
400 George Street
Level 28
Brisbane City, QLD 4000



Two Live Cycle Designer Questions

Q. Can I total values in a table, e.g. one amount in a number field per row?

To cover a related question, this approach should work for check boxes in a table which gave been allocated values

Assuming you have a table with repeating rows in place

Form with Table prepared , rows and fields renamed
Form with Table prepared , rows and fields renamed

You then need to open the script editor panel via the Window menu.

Select the field that will act as the grand total – in my example, this is called Total.

In the Object panel set value to Calculated Read Only

Set Value to Calculated Read Only

Set Value to Calculated Read Only

In the Script Editor panel choose calculate

In the Script Editor panel, choose Calculate
In the Script Editor panel, choose Calculate

Set the Language to FormCalc

Set language to FormCalc
Set language to FormCalc

Then in the panel add the following code – Use your table name, row name and field name. Read  [*] as saying “for each instance of the object” “This” refers to the currently selected object, in this case the grand total field.


Save and test

Use tab key to move from field to field
Use tab key to move from field to field. This will trigger the recalculation of the total.

Q. Can I auto-number my rows?

Yes you can, but you will need to be comfortable with adding some code.  Please read this very good article here “Numbering rows in a LiveCycle Designer table or repeating subform” which also has a sample file.

I’d like to do a video on this, but due to time limitations, I wont make promises I can’t keep.

Best Wishes


Ted Talk- “This is what happens when you reply to spam email”

A Ted talk to lighten your day: James Veitch: This is what happens when you reply to spam email. I usually recommend deeper technical or data oriented TED talks. This one is fun and good place to start with TED talks.

Power BI Windows 10 universal app and Power BI Desktop update

As people may know I am currently doing the Data Analysis course via Duke University and Coursera. While I am my data kick I am keeping track of news of new and updated tools. And so I have two bits of news:

Microsoft has released an update for Power BI desktop and also a universal app (to suit Windows tablets, phones and PCs). I will explore these tools further after I have complete the current module of the data analysis course.

Why is PowerPivot not in all Versions of Excel?

Not all versions of Excel are created equal. For Excel 2013 and Excel 2016, many common versions of the the Office suite do not support PowerPivot. The linked article clearly outlines the situation for Excel 2016 (thank you to PowerPivotPro and Rob Collie).

In my view this is a pointless attempt at supporting the deluxe versions of the Office suite. It is going to cause confusion when preparing for Excel PowerPivot courses, and also for small business users who may have Office 365 Business Premium via an Office 365 subscription.

PowerPivot is not just for big corporate users. I can see small and medium businesses who want to be competitive and responsive in the current economic climate finding these tools essential. It is also going to be a key addition to the range of courses I offer!

Like me they will end up either buying a stand alone Excel licence or (in Australia) navigating the Telstra/Microsoft labyrinth to see if they can upgrade a of subscription or two to the required level. I will probably have to get standalone licences as there appears from exploring Telstra’s online interface that there is no option to upgrade further on my current Office 365 level. As a very small business I also don’t enjoy buying additional licences that duplicate something I already pay for.

A frustrating and expensive situation that will impact on the take up of a very useful tool.

Your thoughts and comments welcomed


Boagworld on Intranets

Boagworld Podcast  features Gerry McGovern in this weeks podcast. While its not about SharePoint – covering Intranet effectiveness, end user adoption and getting management buy in/support are very effectively addressed. People involved in SharePoint sites and roll-outs would benefit from listening to this. You will find Podcast and transcript here.

I picked up a couple of good ideas – include starting with solving a management problem e.g. streamlining an approval process to get manager buy in.