What Makes a Successful Course Part 2

Still thinking about this, particularly for custom and on site courses,  as I try to develop a systematic process for a consistant standard of output  for my business  where every end product  is different.

To add to my earlier post on this topic, here are a few more factors that make a course work. Continue reading “What Makes a Successful Course Part 2”

What makes a successful course?

This post is in response to a question I was asked a few weeks back. This is an issue I have been grappling with as I revelop and refocus my business. I’ll refine this as other factors occur to me.

Factors that make  a success if right

Prior Intelligence

Particularly essential for custom and on site courses (many one site course are custom in some way), I find it very useful to be able to talk to the client once the sales/account staff have done their part.

  • Version of Software the client has or is getting
  • How the client uses or plans to use the software
  • Clients objectives, current problems etc.
  • If they can send a sample of what they are needing to do or problems they are having
  • Skill levels of the trainees in the group, any questions coming from them… Continue reading “What makes a successful course?”

What makes good courseware?

Some initials thoughts discussing what I look for in courseware.

Motivated to write this because the quality of available courseware is uneven and it has come up a few times recently in discussion with colleagues. I am writing this from the trainers perspective. To my colleagues who write courseware, I’ll apologise in advance if I don’t use the right terminology. Continue reading “What makes good courseware?”