Firesheep is an add on for the Firefox web browser that will when using an unencrypted WiFi hotspot reveals information about other users sessions. Continue reading “Firesheep”

Web Application – .Net security

I was just listening to the Security Now Podcast and Steve Gibson was talking about a new .Net Vulnerability.

By way of background, I do classic ASP development and am moving to .net via SharePoint. As such I am aware of SQL injection and Cross Site Scripting issues with web based applications. I recommend people in this line, especially with public facing apps,  read up on the new vulnerability. Continue reading “Web Application – .Net security”

Basic Security Steps for Home or Home Office PCs and Laptops

I do applications training (Excel, Access, PowerPoint and so on) for the staff of a Major Metropolitan University via a Leading Training Provider. As part of the introductory part of the session, we have a security postcard to discuss, to raise staff awareness of security issues and good practices at home. The ultimate aim is to reduce the incidence of threats to the work environment entering from the home PC or laptop.

This leads to a general discussion of security issues.

For basic security, I recommend you cover the following points:-

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