Recommended TED Talk: James Lyne: Everyday cybercrime — and what you can do about it

Folks, this is an excellent presentation for a non IT Audience on IT security issues. Good clear non technical language, clear analogies, demonstrations  and examples. I particularly like that James covers Social Engineering and Browser based attacks.

Well worth the 17 minutes!

After watching the video see the discussion here:

How do I find out about IT security threats without the media hype?

Listen to Security Now!

I was on the road this afternoon, so I had the chance to listen to episode number 392 of Security Now. While I am a long time advocate of Security Now, I recognise it can be a bit geek heavy in places. That said, I urge any one who works in or with IT to listen to the first two thirds of episode 392 for the discussion with hosts Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson and guest Brian Krebs covering “Organized crime on the Internet, botnets, ransomware, and more”. The interview will give you an overview of what is happening on the dark side free of media hype.

The tone is informal, informative and the language isn’t geek heavy, and is suitable for all levels of IT knowledge.

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Things I learn from Security Now, Free Microsoft Safety Scanner

While I am a fan of the Security Now podcast for Steve Gibson’s in depth, detailed, geek oriented analysis of security issues, it does have tips for end users. The lastest is the free Microsoft Security Scanner, which is an on demand tool for detecting and removing malware.

This doesn’t replace your normal anti-malware suite, it is a tool you would download (only 70MB) from time to time and run an extra security check.


Good Computer Security Advice for the normal PC user

At the start of each of my application courses at a major metropolitan University, I have been asked to hand out some security “postcards” and briefly discuss anti spyware/malware security precautions. The institute wants to reduce the incidence of staff bring in problems from home to the work network. A real concern to IT departments in this age of highly mobile devices of increasing power and usefulness. The official discussion often leads to a few questions seeking explanation of the threats and what to do in response.

So I have been looking for a good Security primer on line for the general person, that I can refer people to. Continue reading “Good Computer Security Advice for the normal PC user”

I’m from your ISP’s support department…

The I’m from your ISP’s support department phone call

Look folks, you know its a scam, I know its a scam. And I am just venting pointlessly, because,  only inter governmental police liaison will stop them.

It is rampant, I have had three call me in the last ten days.

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A Sermon on the evils of Apparently Cheap Adobe Software

Brothers and Sisters,

Gather round…

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Basic Security Steps for Home or Home Office PCs and Laptops

I do applications training (Excel, Access, PowerPoint and so on) for the staff of a Major Metropolitan University via a Leading Training Provider. As part of the introductory part of the session, we have a security postcard to discuss, to raise staff awareness of security issues and good practices at home. The ultimate aim is to reduce the incidence of threats to the work environment entering from the home PC or laptop.

This leads to a general discussion of security issues.

For basic security, I recommend you cover the following points:-

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