Training Schedule and Availability for Steven Knight

Due to Microsoft discontinuing the Public Site feature of Office 365, I will be using a different Office 365 tool for sharing my availability information with training providers and others. If you are a user of my schedule, please email me for the current link! Or check my email signature in a recent email. I have added the availability link to my signature block.



Train-A-Scope YouTube Channel Theme for 2014


I am Steven Knight and my business is computer training.

I train in SharePoint, Acrobat, Captivate and Office for leading training providers around Australia

This year I am following a theme for most of my YouTube channel content.

That theme is forms.

Why Forms?

End users are increasing looking for tools to enable them to

  • Collect data from internal or external clients efficiently
  • Export that data to Excel
  • That requires no coding
  • And are Low or no cost

I will still have content on other topics with forms being the ongoing theme. Continue reading “Train-A-Scope YouTube Channel Theme for 2014”

Virtual Machines are Fun!

Planning a major round of Study, Exploration and Evaluation – SharePoint/Designer and InfoPath/Captivate 6 and exploring Office 2013/Windows 8.

Upgraded to the new VMWare Workstation last week and today I have spent the day setting up a few virtual machines – its Spring after all!

Today, I have set up:

  • SharePoint 2010 Enterprise on Windows Server 8 (no Exchange)
  • Windows 8 and Office 2013 (Office 2013 looks good in Windows 8, clearly Windows 8 is the intended habitat for Office 2013)
  • Linux Mint (Adding Apache, PHP, MYSQL is still a work in progress)  – All to serve as a base for Moodle and Chamillo, so I can do my long delayed comparison article.

And I have finally mastered accessing web servers on the Virtual machines from other PCs on my network. Frustratingly simple now I have it straight.

I’d like to do SharePoint 2013 – but if the minimum specification is to be believed, I need more cores (4 for the the VM) and I only have three (I have been giving two cores and 4 GB of RAM to a virtual machine and keeping 1 core and 4 GB for the host). So I need to budget for a PC based on a 6 or  8 core processor.


Steven Knight – part trainer, part geek



Twitter Lists make Twitter manageable. Here are some I made earlier…


Twitter is an undervalued resource for leads to IT and Business resources. But as I am only able to review my Twitter account every couple of days, I felt I wasn’t getting value out of it, just seeing masses of posts. So I have set up some lists, which filter the accounts you follow by categories you create.  I know I am the last person to discover this feature, but really useful, all the same!

You might find them useful, so here they are: Continue reading “Twitter Lists make Twitter manageable. Here are some I made earlier…”

The True Value of Excel Training

A big part of what I do is Excel training particularly Intermediate, Advanced and custom courses. It is not unusual when you have just finished a demonstration or an exercise using a feature to hear a groan or a gasp from somewhere in the group, followed by comments like “I could have used this last week doing report x” or “This process will save me x hours every week” or “that will enable me to do a report I didn’t think we could do” .

As an aside, this is when you need the lesser known excel function =gobacktolastweek(1), where the argument or parameter is the number of weeks you need to go back in time, so you can use your new skill and save a bunch of time when you needed it. Continue reading “The True Value of Excel Training”

Custom Courses

I am going to get a bit Tom Peters with this post, which will be a bunch of comments – use what you wish.

All on site courses are custom courses. If not we are missing an opportunity to give the client the tools they need to be solve problems that they have.

But to achieve a standardised (good) output on a non standard product requires extra preparation by all involved. Continue reading “Custom Courses”

A Symbolic Start

Dear Reader,

This first post is a symbolic start, signifying many beginnings.

The plan, currently underway, is to implement a new business plan, reinvent myself and my business.

I am an IT Trainer who trains in MS Office and a number of Adobe products including Acrobat, Dreamweaver and Captivate. I also do small scale development work.

This blog will document the journey my new business plan takes me on as I work on its two major planks: Sharepoint and E-Learning.

I will share with you here tips, resources and samples of what I learn as I go on.

Steven Knight