What I learned from FLOSS Weekly this week

I should listen to FLOSS weekly more often – it is always good value. This week I learnt about Chamilo – an alternative Learning Management System (LMS) to Moodle.

The interview was very informative and has inspired me to  download and experiment with it. I will post a review.


LinkedIn Groups – as a source of useful resources for E-Learning, SharePoint

I had initially thought of LinkedIn as a resource to make my profile available to prospective clients. I have thought of  Twitter as the more useful tool for resources and research.

Then I learned about LinkedIn Groups.

Maybe I was wrong to underestimate LinkedIn. Continue reading “LinkedIn Groups – as a source of useful resources for E-Learning, SharePoint”

Web Platform Installer

The Web PI allows you to install a range of Microsoft and Open Source technologies, frameworks and applications on a Windows PC running Internet Information Services (IIS)

This saves a lot of time. You can install PHP, MySql and other tools from their respective open source sites, but it is much easier this way. Continue reading “Web Platform Installer”