Twitter Lists make Twitter manageable. Here are some I made earlier…


Twitter is an undervalued resource for leads to IT and Business resources. But as I am only able to review my Twitter account every couple of days, I felt I wasn’t getting value out of it, just seeing masses of posts. So I have set up some lists, which filter the accounts you follow by categories you create. ¬†I know I am the last person to discover this feature, but really useful, all the same!

You might find them useful, so here they are: Continue reading “Twitter Lists make Twitter manageable. Here are some I made earlier…”

Snipping and Screenshot Tools

For people needing to put together system user guides and training notes, who need to get screen captures , Windows 7 offers the Snipping Tool and Office 2010 has the Screenshot tool. These two movies briefly show how to use them. Continue reading “Snipping and Screenshot Tools”

Windows 7 Features and coming posts

Windows 7 New Features

Running some Windows familiarisation ¬†sessions shortly, so I thought I’d share some resources and my favourite aspects of Windows 7. Continue reading “Windows 7 Features and coming posts”