Twitter Lists make Twitter manageable. Here are some I made earlier…


Twitter is an undervalued resource for leads to IT and Business resources. But as I am only able to review my Twitter account every couple of days, I felt I wasn’t getting value out of it, just seeing masses of posts. So I have set up some lists, which filter the accounts you follow by categories you create.  I know I am the last person to discover this feature, but really useful, all the same!

You might find them useful, so here they are: Continue reading “Twitter Lists make Twitter manageable. Here are some I made earlier…”

SharePoint Resources and Technet


In a recent discussion about preparing for SharePoint study the discussion ranged over Technet and Podcasts and other resources people might find useful. Continue reading “SharePoint Resources and Technet”

Acrobat Resource (and Acrobat and SharePoint)

In the past I have have posted links to various Acrobat resources. Adobe have now created an all encompassing Acrobat user resource that includes recorded how to video, forums, articles and live seminars. This can be found at

This seminar “Working together with Office and SharePoint” looks interesting. Australian (Brisbane) readers should note that the time translates to Thursday, 17 March 2011 at 3:00:00 AM. I can get up OK  for the 4:30 or 5pm seminars, for this I’ll set my alarm, wish me luck.


PowerPivot for Excel 2010 and SharePoint 2010

On Friday, I was catching up on my podcasts and listing to Hilton Giesenow‘s The MOSS Show and in Episode 34 Hilton interviews Pej Javaheri from the SharePoint B.I. team at Microsoft about Business Intelligence and SharePoint.

What got my attention was  PowerPivot which is an add-in for Excel or SharePoint that allows you to connect to large tables of data to do pivot table analysis.

PowerPivot Tools as seen on Excel 2010 ribbon
PowerPivot Tools as seen on Excel 2010 ribbon
PowerPivot Window Tools
Tools Shown in PowerPivot for Excel window

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Free Simple SharePoint 2007 User Guide


As a learning aid for myself and to help with preparation for a course I put together a basic guide to common tasks in SharePoint 2007. This a draft and probably wont go much further as I am now moving into SharePoint 2010.  Continue reading “Free Simple SharePoint 2007 User Guide”

SharePoint 2010 Datasheet view not available

Currently spending some quality time with SharePoint  2010. I ran into a problem with the datasheet view. Found a couple of useful blogs as well as the solution. Continue reading “SharePoint 2010 Datasheet view not available”

Setting up Sharepoint

I am preparing for moving back into   SharePoint study and need to build some Virtual machines with SharePoint 2007 and 2010 to facilitate this.  I have had an amateur attempt at this a few months back and struggled due to lack of preparation. So this time I decided to start with a search for set up articles and this list is the result.

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Moving Small and Micro Business into the Cloud, part 1

This post is just an initial heads up to a rapidly developing range of options for business to use software services online (in the cloud). I will review this area in more detail.

For very small business, it is hard to justify the set up, software and hardware costs for useful business software such as Exchange and SharePoint. This puts small business at a disadvantage especially in missing out on some of the collaborate tools in technologies like SharePoint.  With making these technologies available in the cloud – a small business can pay per user per month avoid set up cost hurdles and gaining advantage of modern software tools. Continue reading “Moving Small and Micro Business into the Cloud, part 1”