Power BI Windows 10 universal app and Power BI Desktop update

As people may know I am currently doing the Data Analysis course via Duke University and Coursera. While I am my data kick I am keeping track of news of new and updated tools. And so I have two bits Continue Reading

Office 365 Tools for Lawyers and Legal Professionals

Broadening the base of potential Office 365/SharePoint Online users is the Legal Matters Center for Office 365. I attended an early session on this at the Ignite conference in Chicago. Resources can be found at: Boosting Productivity for Legal and Continue Reading

SharePoint 2013, Lync Courseware Review

I often get asked for suggestions for courseware. Not all training providers have their own material for all products. So here are a couple of quick reviews of courseware for a couple of increasingly popular topics. My aim is to Continue Reading

Office 365 – SharePoint Online Resource from Microsoft

Folks This new resource covers planning, adoption and more. I see this as a resource for end user training material Office 365 Customer Success Center​ Steven

Office for Android Tablets – Preview

This is a key step by Microsoft, preview versions of the big three from the Office suite are available for Android Tablets. Not final versions, but worth exploring. So far I have installed them on my old Nexus 7 (with Continue Reading

SharePoint End User Training Materials Part 1

Part 1 Finding whats out there… Quick Reference Guides see previous posts on this topic here, here and here Books These books aren’t courseware, but can be a useful substitutes, especially for small groups End User Microsoft SharePoint  Plain & Continue Reading

Sharing Information vs Knowledge is Power

Watching the Ted Talk: “Stanley McChrystal: The military case for sharing knowledge” started me thinking about the issues he discusses for the perspective of SharePoint trainer, a trainer and an ex public servant. A major of theme of this talk is Continue Reading

Where do I find Office 365 Resources?

Via Mary Jo Foley (of the Windows Weekly Podcast), this a page of free Office 365 Resources –  includes Office 2013 resources, quick reference guides and e-books. Well worth exploring: Office 365 Resources

Q and A: Can I upload Adobe Captivate output to Microsoft SharePoint?

Q. Can I upload Captivate output to SharePoint – where SharePoint is being used as our intranet? A. Yes! While there are articles on the web about using Flash output (SWF) in SharePoint, this note assumes HTML5 output from Captivate. Continue Reading

Office 365 – SharePoint App Error message on Installing

If you are Getting this error: “Sorry, there was something wrong with the download. Try adding it again.” in Australia Then this article is the “fix” for you. I ran into this problem while preparing my new public facing Office 365 Continue Reading

Office 365 Backup Options Part 1

The basic Problem Microsoft back up Office 365, but we’d all like our own backup, because we can sleep better that way…. My choice is different to what you might choose due to: Cost – I need to find a service Continue Reading

Finding SharePoint 2013/Office 2013/Lync Quick Reference Guides

There is a growing trend away from issuing workbooks or courseware to every trainee on a course.  The pattern is towards one set of courseware for the team and quick reference guides for the individual trainees. So here are some Continue Reading

How to fix: SharePoint Online won’t open documents or attachments in client applications (eg in Word or Excel on the desktop)

This is a frustrating problem There are two steps Step 1. Enable the “Open Documents in Client Applications by Default ” service – see steps here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2859986 Step 2. Check the Library Settings –> Advanced Settings–> Opening documents in browser is set Continue Reading