Microsoft – Office 2010 New Features E-Book

Go to Microsoft Office – Training Portal look for the Special Offers section – you will find a special offer for an e-book. The book is the 202 pages Office 2010 First Look by Katherine Murray which overviews new features across the Office Suite, including some step by step walk throughs. It covers Word. Excel, PowerPoint and One Note, SharePoint and Access. It is available as in PDF or XPS formats.

You will need to create Windows Live ID and sign in. I’d recommend an explore of the Training Portal while you are there.


Useful MS Word Links

This is a quick collection of useful word links  for Word 2007 or later. Not a pretty document but some useful links


My You Tube Channel has a few Word related movies on it.  Don’t forget You Tube for specialist content like Word. For example, YouTube has 500+ movies on Word 2007 and forms. More Links after the fold.

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Updates to Recent Posts

I have added content to two recent posts:

Also added to my YouTube Channel

Regards, Steven Knight

Useful Resources, PowerPoint and Twitter

Yes, Twitter is more than just messages about when someone had a sandwich. Or the same commercial message over and over (which happens, if you do this, stop it now and find something unique to say).

For example PresenterNews has links to good resources tweeted regularly and if you follow, you will get a direct message which leads to more useful links. (I’m not going to repeat them here – do the “follow” thing and get them for yourself!!!) Continue reading “Useful Resources, PowerPoint and Twitter”

The True Value of Excel Training

A big part of what I do is Excel training particularly Intermediate, Advanced and custom courses. It is not unusual when you have just finished a demonstration or an exercise using a feature to hear a groan or a gasp from somewhere in the group, followed by comments like “I could have used this last week doing report x” or “This process will save me x hours every week” or “that will enable me to do a report I didn’t think we could do” .

As an aside, this is when you need the lesser known excel function =gobacktolastweek(1), where the argument or parameter is the number of weeks you need to go back in time, so you can use your new skill and save a bunch of time when you needed it. Continue reading “The True Value of Excel Training”

Convert Word 2007 into PDF with bookmarks

Two approaches to this task:

  • Using Word’s integration with Acrobat standard or Professional
  • Using Word’s own Saves as PDF or Send As PDF feature

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Blogs as a resource

Everything has a time management angle, finding useful information efficiently saves us time and helps us get things done faster. Corporate Blogs are a useful source of tips, articles, samples, templates and seminars. They also provide leads to other sources of information. Here’s a few of interest: Continue reading “Blogs as a resource”

Adding a Second Axis to an Excel Chart and Microsoft’s Excel Blog

Just a short post because the article I am linking to covers this topic so well. This is very much a frequently asked Excel question.

The article, Combining Chart Types, Adding a Second Axis is on the Microsoft’s own  Excel Blog. Continue reading “Adding a Second Axis to an Excel Chart and Microsoft’s Excel Blog”

Preserving Number formatting using Excel data in a Word Mail Merge

If you need to preserve number formats when merging data from an Excel list into a Word mail merge, the following articles will prove useful. I think for most purposes editing the merge field from { MERGEFIELD “Price” } to { MERGEFIELD “Price” \# $#,###.00 } will be the best way. This is discussed with other options in the first article.


Showing Contact Linking in Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2007

In Outlook 2003 it is easy to associate an activity (meeting, task or event) with a Contact by using the linking button at the bottom of the meeting or task form.

It is then easy to see a history of activities for that contact. In Office 2007 and Office 2010, this is still possible by right clicking on the contact and choosing Create from the short cut menu. But what if you are in the calendar or task area already? Continue reading “Showing Contact Linking in Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2007”

Outlook and Time Management Resources

It is hard not to discuss time management during an Outlook course. So this article will build into a more extensive set of resources on the subject. Continue reading “Outlook and Time Management Resources”

I have to give a PowerPoint. Arrgh!

I cringe inwardly when I hear people say I have to give a PowerPoint. Arrgh! You are giving a Presentation. Ideally, You are delivering an idea, a concept,  a plan. The Presentation and PowerPoint are tools you are using not the end in themselves.

So in passing on some useful links on PowerPoint, I will start with some links on Presentation Technique: Continue reading “I have to give a PowerPoint. Arrgh!”

PowerPoint 2007 Animation Issue

In the presentation below I  illustrate animation of text, Smart Art and Charts. I also briefly discuss a problem and a solution at the end of the presentation. Continue reading “PowerPoint 2007 Animation Issue”