Blogs as a resource

Everything has a time management angle, finding useful information efficiently saves us time and helps us get things done faster. Corporate Blogs are a useful source of tips, articles, samples, templates and seminars. They also provide leads to other sources of information. Here’s a few of interest: Continue reading “Blogs as a resource”

Preserving Number formatting using Excel data in a Word Mail Merge

If you need to preserve number formats when merging data from an Excel list into a Word mail merge, the following articles will prove useful. I think for most purposes editing the merge field from { MERGEFIELD “Price” } to { MERGEFIELD “Price” \# $#,###.00 } will be the best way. This is discussed with other options in the first article.


Store and recall frequently used text in Word 2007

This short video shows how to store and recall frequently used text in Word 2007 Continue reading “Store and recall frequently used text in Word 2007”

Diagrams from Word 2003 to Smart Art

A quick set of links to help those moving from Word 2003 to Word 2007 or Word 2010, who have diagrams to convert to Smart Art. Continue reading “Diagrams from Word 2003 to Smart Art”

Harvard Style Referencing in Word 2007/2010

Following a recent question from a Word 2007 Advanced session,  where people liked the Referencing feature in Word 2007 (and its there in 2010 as well) but were disappointed that it didn’t support the Harvard system that local colleges and universities use, I decided to dig further.

Continue reading “Harvard Style Referencing in Word 2007/2010”