HTML5 and CSS3 tutorial in Windows 8 Store

As part of getting into Windows 8, I have been exploring the Windows 8 Store. WickedlySmart have released a 20 lesson tutorial free in the Windows 8 Store.

HTML5 and CSS Quicklook

I have downloaded it and will report back on the quality.

For those exploring HTML5 and CSS3 its an extra resource to try

Steven Knight

Where can I find resources to learn HTML5?

A working knowledge of HTML 5 is going to be useful for a wider audience than the traditional users of HTML as it will have a role in apps development in Windows 8 and elsewhere. I have gathered together some resources I have found useful.

Samples  and Demos

Sites that demonstrate working examples of HTML and its features.

Books and on line courses

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How to centre a page (ie a div) in CSS

The aim in this case is to centre the page or a section of a page (a div) but not  centring  the text or images within the  page or block.

So you can’t use text-align: center in your CSS as this will centre text.

The solution is to use either in the CSS for the DIV being centred after the width property:

margin-left: auto ;

margin-right: auto ;

or  you could try:

margin: 10px auto 10px auto;

(the syntax being margin: top right bottom left;)

The article, How to Centre a DIV Block Using CSS by Christopher Heng shows very clearly how to do this in detail.