Business Metrics for Data-Driven Companies

Signed up for “Business Metrics for Data-Driven Companies” the first course of a 5-course series, the Excel to MySQL: Analytic Techniques for Business Specialization. Enjoyed the Microsoft edX course I did recently, so I thought I’d do more.

Thought it was a fit and should help with the questions I get from Business Analysts on Excel and SharePoint Courses.

Passed MOS Exam 77-891 Office 365

Passed MOS Exam 77-891 Office 365 one hour ago!!!

In the immortal words of Kermit the Frog “Yayyyy!!!! “

Microsoft Certified Trainer Achieved and Objectives for 2012

I have just received advice from Microsoft that I have been accepted as Microsoft Certified Trainer!

To achieve  this I passed the SharePoint Office Specialist exam and completed my Certificate IV Trainer and Assessor (so I had evidence of Instructor Skills)




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Certificate IV in Training and Assessment TAE40110

I have had a few questions about this recently, so here is a brief Q and A discussing cost, why, RPL and time commitments.

Q Why did you do it?

I had a Cert III from a long time ago. As part of my planning in late 2010/early 2011, I reviewed the job ads in Seek and similar resources. All the trainers jobs and contracts were asking for Cert IV.  I also needed a current training certification as part of meeting the standards for Adobe and Microsoft trainer certification programs. In late 2010/early 2011, I was looking at broadening my client base, the Cert IV was an important marketing tool.

Q Why didn’t you just RPL?

It costs the same to do the subject as it does to go through the Recognition of Prior Learning process and I’d have to prepare evidence as well. So I thought doing the course would spread out the work and I might learn something (I did). Continue reading “Certificate IV in Training and Assessment TAE40110”

Completed TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Just got my certificate from Southbank Institute of Technology.


And now something light to celebrate – a short Pixar film showing how to conduct an assessment!




Passed Microsoft Office Specialist – SharePoint 2010!! (Exam 77-886)

Just passed the 77-886 MOS SharePoint 2010 Exam. Given I have agreed to the non-disclosure clause about six times, I can’t discuss what is in the exam.

What I can say is I found it very useful to prepare for and do this exam. It’s not a server guru type exam – it is aimed at skilled end users, trainers and people who need a good broad knowledge of SharePoint (and need evidence of that knowledge) – eg if you are member of a SharePoint implementation team (or would like to be) or have a role in encouraging adoption in your workplace. The work you do in preparing for this exam will help you obtain that knowledge – it certainly help me fill in many gaps in my knowledge and realise the full scope of SharePoint 2010.

As a trainer doing more and more in this area – it will help establish some credibility.

Preparation tips


  • I  have listed books and resources elsewhere in the blog. Study the topics in the outline provided by Microsoft.
  • Read, listen and watch as much as you can
  • I also found some good little videos on YouTube by Jessica Meats whose blog is here. The videos are short, well structured and don’t spend 2/3 of the time explaining the video makers other services. Good, clear and to the point. Well done Jess!
  • Get as much hands on practice as you can, Explore and Practice!


  • Try to prepare for this after a major client has collapsed, throwing your schedule and cash flow into chaos. It can be done, but I am sooo tired.

Thank you for your interest.


My SharePoint Exam Postponed


Thank you to all of those of you who have expressed support and interest my progress on the exam 77-886. On Friday,  the testing simulation froze about four times in the first few questions – I am now trying again on next Friday. The testing centre people were very helpful and efficient.

So more news next week


Certificate IV in Training and Assessment TAE40110

Another little project I have started, as part of the bringing my skills up to date part of the business plan, is doing the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment TAE40110 as an evening course over the next few months.  Should be interesting to see what has changed since I did my original trainer certification in 1998.

Thought about going down the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) route, but the cost is the same as attending the course, and one of my objectives is to give my technique a brush up. The second key aim is for marketing and promotion where many jobs have this as a selection criteria. The third goal is to combine with some certifications to apply for Certified Trainer” status with Adobe and later Microsoft.


SharePoint Exam 77-886

Microsoft have released Exam 77-886: SharePoint 2010 for advanced SharePoint users, who are beyond the adding content level and use SharePoint features to create solutions. It’s a very comprehensive examination of SharePoint features. Next week I will be booking an exam for sometime in September – I will report  cost etc as I proceed. I find doing a certification exam makes you “look in all the obscure corners” and get properly across all the features of a software  package. Setting a date and booking an exam is a crude but effective time management tool for making sure it happens!



Certification Exam preparation tip

Don’t do your preparation exactly the way I did. Continue reading “Certification Exam preparation tip”

Excel resources for 77-602

General Advice

From my recent experience with another exam certification process I recommend:

  • Learn the software thoroughly
  • Poke around in the features you don’t use much
  • Learn the names of menu options and icons and the sequences to get to key tools
  • Don’t overlook the big picture – when and why  to use a particular tool or function
  • Use the exam objectives to identify your weak areas
  • Do as much hands on as you can to reinforce learning from courses and reading

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Passed Adobe Exams

Over the weekend I passed the following exams:

  • 9A0-128 Adobe® Captivate 4 ACE Exam
  • 9A0-084 Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional® ACE Exam

Steven Knight

Outlook Exam 77-604: MOS: Using Microsoft Office Outlook 2007

Some notes and resources to assist people preparing for Outlook Exam 77-604:  MOS: Using Microsoft Office Outlook 2007

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