More Adobe Captivate Links to Resources

To help new Captivate users I have previously gathered useful links here, Existing Summary of Captivate Links. This post is an update of recent links and resources. Continue reading “More Adobe Captivate Links to Resources”

Over 1000 views

My YouTube channel has had over 1000 views. I know movies of cute puppies will get  this many views will get that many views in 10 minutes… but its a big deal for me. So see Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Acrobat and other tips at

Passed Adobe Exams

Over the weekend I passed the following exams:

  • 9A0-128 Adobe® Captivate 4 ACE Exam
  • 9A0-084 Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional® ACE Exam

Steven Knight

Updates to Recent Posts

I have added content to two recent posts:

Also added to my YouTube Channel

Regards, Steven Knight

Convert Word 2007 into PDF with bookmarks

Two approaches to this task:

  • Using Word’s integration with Acrobat standard or Professional
  • Using Word’s own Saves as PDF or Send As PDF feature

Steps and Movies after the fold.  Continue reading “Convert Word 2007 into PDF with bookmarks”

Enquiry or Inquiry form?

This question comes up routinely on Dreamweaver courses. Thanks to my much thumbed copy of Partridge’s  Usage and Abusage (Penguin Reference Books) I can report that:

Blogs as a resource

Everything has a time management angle, finding useful information efficiently saves us time and helps us get things done faster. Corporate Blogs are a useful source of tips, articles, samples, templates and seminars. They also provide leads to other sources of information. Here’s a few of interest: Continue reading “Blogs as a resource”

A Sermon on the evils of Apparently Cheap Adobe Software

Brothers and Sisters,

Gather round…

I am often asked if  a cheap price on Adobe software is a good deal. Continue reading “A Sermon on the evils of Apparently Cheap Adobe Software”

My You Tube Channel and Twitter Feed


My You Tube Channel

This is where you will find new tutorials posted as I answer questions and experiment with Captivate and Camtasia. Continue reading “My You Tube Channel and Twitter Feed”

Adobe ACE exams in Brisbane


I decided on Friday to commit myself to some exam dates for the ACE Captivate 4 and the Acrobat Professional exams. So I go off to the Prometric-Vue web site to find dates a few weeks apart to schedule the exams. Now the good news is due to the strong Aussie dollar vs the US Dollar the exams are very affordable – much much cheaper than when I last did this cough, cough years ago.  But then I hit a snag. Continue reading “Adobe ACE exams in Brisbane”

Updating Captivate 4

There is a patch/update for Captivate 4.

Continue reading “Updating Captivate 4”

This week’s links

This week I have useful links for WebCasts and CSS Tutorials Continue reading “This week’s links”

Web Application – .Net security

I was just listening to the Security Now Podcast and Steve Gibson was talking about a new .Net Vulnerability.

By way of background, I do classic ASP development and am moving to .net via SharePoint. As such I am aware of SQL injection and Cross Site Scripting issues with web based applications. I recommend people in this line, especially with public facing apps,  read up on the new vulnerability. Continue reading “Web Application – .Net security”