LiveCycle Designer Links

Some quick links for those starting to work  with calculations in LiveCycle Designer forms. Looking at conducting an online seminar on calculation basics in October 2016. More soon… This is the FormCalc reference. As a guide: if you are comfortable Continue Reading

Two Live Cycle Designer Questions

Q. Can I total values in a table, e.g. one amount in a number field per row? To cover a related question, this approach should work for check boxes in a table which gave been allocated values Assuming you have Continue Reading

Acrobat Forms Reading List

I want to cut down on paper forms, reduce errors and speed up processing – Where do I start? Option 1:  Acrobat Forms All you you need is Adobe Acrobat Professional, which you may already have.  With it you can: Continue Reading

Focusing on Forms

I needed to find a theme to explore, so driven by: cumbersome experience handling forms from insurance agents, recruiters and clients need to make information gathering more efficient in my own business looking for a theme to tie together study Continue Reading

Setting Adobe LiveCycle Designer to use Australian Spelling

I came across the solution at the article: Australian Spell Check in Adobe LiveCycle Designer at Mark Szulc’s Blog some time back. I had implemented the fix and then not having upgraded for a while had forgotten about the issue… The basic problem is Continue Reading

Give me 27 minutes to help you with Tables, Repeating Rows and Formulas in LiveCycle Designer

Latest Video

Flowed and Positioned Sub Forms
Dynamic Tables
Using drop down lists in formulas
Repeating Rows
Grand Totals Continue Reading

Live Cycle Designer – Formulas with read only fields

This Tutorial covers creating formulas in Live Cycle Designer forms where one or more fields is read only and contains a fixed value eg a price. See also FormCalc Reference Guide How to Create Scripts for Online Forms with Adobe LiveCycle Continue Reading

Resources to help with Acrobat Forms

Resources mentioned in the presentation: Google + Adobe Acrobat Acrobat (example how to distribute forms) Adobe TV  LiveCycle,  Acrobat Forms Adobe Community Forums (LiveCycle) FormCentral YouTube – Adobe Form Calculations  

How to redisplay information already entered in a LiveCycle Designer Form

How to redisplay information already entered in a LiveCycle Designer Form. Three methods are demonstrated in this short tutorial. Continue Reading

Adding Rows and Showing Optional or Alternative fields in LiveCycle Designer

Part 1. Using a button to add rows to a table – without writing code Part 2. Using check-boxes to control the display of hidden fields on the form A very quickly prepared tutorial to answer some Adobe LiveCycle questions. Continue Reading