Adobe ACE exams in Brisbane


I decided on Friday to commit myself to some exam dates for the ACE Captivate 4 and the Acrobat Professional exams. So I go off to the Prometric-Vue web site to find dates a few weeks apart to schedule the exams. Now the good news is due to the strong Aussie dollar vs the US Dollar the exams are very affordable – much much cheaper than when I last did this cough, cough years ago.  But then I hit a snag. Continue reading “Adobe ACE exams in Brisbane”

Updating Captivate 4

There is a patch/update for Captivate 4.

Continue reading “Updating Captivate 4”

This week’s links

This week I have useful links for WebCasts and CSS Tutorials Continue reading “This week’s links”

Links and Resources


Added two pages with links and resources for Dreamweaver and Captivate. Continue reading “Links and Resources”

Calculated Fields in Pivot Tables

The following short movie illustrates preparing calculated fields in pivot tables in Excel 2010. This technique is very similar for Excel 2007.  This is the first of a short series on Pivot Tables that I am preparing.

Requires Flash Player 9 or better. Continue reading “Calculated Fields in Pivot Tables”

Captivate – Removing the Captivate logo from the skins

This is a question that has come up on Captivate courses – How do I remove the Captivate logo from the skins. Continue reading “Captivate – Removing the Captivate logo from the skins”