Captivate Planning and Preparation

In Captivate courses the discussion often moves from where to click and how to use a feature to planning, storyboarding and e-learning theory

So here’s a few resources to get people started:

Storyboarding  Templates

More General Resources

Anna Sabramowicz

(Also I’d like to see Anna do a time management talk, anyone who can do this much, has to have good time management!)

 E Learning Blogs

I’d also look at MOOC courses on learning theory and e-learning found at and

Tools like mind mapping software or even OneNote could also have a role in the planning process


Q and A: Can I upload Adobe Captivate output to Microsoft SharePoint?

Q. Can I upload Captivate output to SharePoint – where SharePoint is being used as our intranet?

A. Yes!

While there are articles on the web about using Flash output (SWF) in SharePoint, this note assumes HTML5 output from Captivate.

  1. Publish your HTML5 output from Captivate to a local folder
  2. Rename index.html to something like project_name.aspx (make sure you are editing the extension – so you don’t get project_name.apsx.html) – We are doing this so that SharePoint(and the IIS web server) will know this is content to display – a web page, not a text file to open like a word document.
  3. Open the top level folder in windows explorer (we will copy the web page and supporting folders form this in a moment)
  4. In the destination document library in SharePoint create a folder for this project (see the File Tab on the ribbon for the new folder tool)
  5. Open the new folder
  6. From the ribbon in SharePoint select Files Tab and then Explorer view
  7. Copy all the content including sub folders from the local folder to the SharePoint explorer window
  8. Then you can link to the project_name.aspx file from a SharePoint web or wiki page
  9. Tested on SharePoint 2013 – should work on SharePoint 2010

Custom Lists and SharePoint 2010 Tutorials – First two on line

First two movies in a series now on-line.

Part 1 Custom lists and Site Columns
Part 2 Create Custom List and Import Data in SharePoint 2010
Part 3 Custom Lists and Views
Part 4 Custom Lists and Workflow
Part 5 Custom Lists and KPIs

Continue reading “Custom Lists and SharePoint 2010 Tutorials – First two on line”

Not Happy Adobe! Activation Issues

About 10 days ago I moved to the Adobe E-Learning Suite 2.5 using the subscription model. After carefully reviewing the licence agreement, I determined I would be able install on my main desktop PC and the laptop provided both were not to used at once (there is only one of me- so this is unlikely)

So I signed up, downloaded and installed on PC and laptop.

All good and ready for me to do a couple of projects with Dreamweaver and Captivate and to prepare for the Acrobat X and Captivate 5.5 exams.

Except now I can’t use any of it on either PC. Continue reading “Not Happy Adobe! Activation Issues”

Captivate 5 Courseware

Q What Course-ware do you use for Captivate?


I use and recommend the Captivate Manuals form Icon Logic available from Amazon or from the author (who also has a good newsletter)

These books are 2 days each in full, but I have done customised courses over 2 or 3 days

Recording Assessment or Training Simulations on Word or PDF Forms with Adobe Captivate

Question: Can we record training simulations or assessments using Word or PDF based forms?


PDF Forms

With the PDF forms – Captivate in training or assessment mode added click boxes to the drop down lists, check boxes and text fields as I clicked on them (good).

With Drop down lists and check boxes – It expects the user to click on the exact option you clicked on when recording _ so you will need to make your test instructions clear.

The click boxes were smaller the actual objects – so you will need to resize them to cover the drop down list . Continue reading “Recording Assessment or Training Simulations on Word or PDF Forms with Adobe Captivate”

Blog or Wiki – The Prime Directive – To Share

It occurred to me while explaining wikis and knowledge banks on a recent course, that this blog is more of a wiki than a traditional blog. The ultimate purpose or “the prime directive” of this web presence is to share useful tidbits that I find with you.  The secondary purpose is to act as a portable on-line reference, I can use when asked questions while on site training and consulting.

So lets share some resources…

Found these via discussions in LinkedIn.

For Presenters using PowerPoint


This is all about moving from endless bullet points to more effective graphical metaphors. PowerPoint 2007/2010 make this easier than ever before. Features makeovers of  bullets to visual approaches and interviews with known experts on presentations. Continue reading “Blog or Wiki – The Prime Directive – To Share”

How do reduce the size of Captivate movies – Adobe’s suggestions and what I learned

This question always comes up on Captivate courses – especially with clients like mining and construction companies who will have widely dispersed trainees with poor quality  internet connections. Continue reading “How do reduce the size of Captivate movies – Adobe’s suggestions and what I learned”

LinkedIn Groups – as a source of useful resources for E-Learning, SharePoint

I had initially thought of LinkedIn as a resource to make my profile available to prospective clients. I have thought of  Twitter as the more useful tool for resources and research.

Then I learned about LinkedIn Groups.

Maybe I was wrong to underestimate LinkedIn. Continue reading “LinkedIn Groups – as a source of useful resources for E-Learning, SharePoint”

More Adobe Captivate Links to Resources

To help new Captivate users I have previously gathered useful links here, Existing Summary of Captivate Links. This post is an update of recent links and resources. Continue reading “More Adobe Captivate Links to Resources”

Passed Adobe Exams

Over the weekend I passed the following exams:

  • 9A0-128 Adobe® Captivate 4 ACE Exam
  • 9A0-084 Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional® ACE Exam

Steven Knight

Blogs as a resource

Everything has a time management angle, finding useful information efficiently saves us time and helps us get things done faster. Corporate Blogs are a useful source of tips, articles, samples, templates and seminars. They also provide leads to other sources of information. Here’s a few of interest: Continue reading “Blogs as a resource”

My You Tube Channel and Twitter Feed


My You Tube Channel

This is where you will find new tutorials posted as I answer questions and experiment with Captivate and Camtasia. Continue reading “My You Tube Channel and Twitter Feed”