LinkedIn Groups – as a source of useful resources for E-Learning, SharePoint

I had initially thought of LinkedIn as a resource to make my profile available to prospective clients. I have thought of  Twitter as the more useful tool for resources and research.

Then I learned about LinkedIn Groups.

Maybe I was wrong to underestimate LinkedIn.Membership of two groups on LinkedIn has led me to a range of useful e-learning resources. The groups are:

What I have found after 2 and a bit hours:

Captivate 5 Keyboard shortcuts as a PDF

Articulate’s Rapid Elearning Blog – The posts themselves are good value but also explore the resources panel on the right – which will lead you in turn to more.

An article discussing Time to Develop One Hour of Training which gives a table showing development times for different approaches and factors that influence the time required.

The EFrontLearning  Blog which had some good summary of resources on

Only a short list of links, but sources of several hours of useful reading

Steven Knight

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