Calculated Fields in Pivot Tables

The following short movie illustrates preparing calculated fields in pivot tables in Excel 2010. This technique is very similar for Excel 2007.  This is the first of a short series on Pivot Tables that I am preparing.

Requires Flash Player 9 or better.

These movies are actually a pretext for me to explore Captivate 5 and get my Behringer Podcast Studio  working. The quality of this one is a bit rushed (its late and I’d been fighting with my equipment) and they should get better with each one. Tip for Behringer Podcast Studio users – don’t change the USB port you plug it into – took me a few hours to learn this – so may this tip save you time:- install it on a suitable USB port and then never shift it to another port. Your microphone won’t work if you do.

And Yes, I had to use the fish just once…

Allow a moment or two for this to load or view in lower resolution at youtube

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Steven Knight