More Adobe Captivate Links to Resources

To help new Captivate users I have previously gathered useful links here, Existing Summary of Captivate Links. This post is an update of recent links and resources.

New links

eLearning Today – a kind of on line newsletter, includes articles and summaries of Twitter feeds

Multimedia Learning Blog – A useful collection of articles and resources – also via twitter at @elearning. Initial examination shows  depth and quality of content here…

Captain Captivate – Good troubleshooting and how to type articles.

Twitter Accounts

@captivateusers  or!/captivateusers

@Kevin_Siegel – The master himself – writer of quality courseware – My next “courseware/book” purchase will be his Camtasia workbook – so can work through the product properly…

and do the searches below which will lead to plenty of useful twitter accounts to follow.

Searches on Twitter

#elearning at!/search?q=%23elearning

#AdobeCaptivate at!/search?q=%23AdobeCaptivate

Enough light reading to keep me going!