Windows 7 Features and coming posts

Windows 7 New Features

Running some Windows familiarisation  sessions shortly, so I thought I’d share some resources and my favourite aspects of Windows 7.


  • Features new to Windows 7 – Wikipedia Summary
  • Explore Windows 7 features – Microsoft use the Browse A-Z – to be found left, top. This is a fairly comprehensive list, but some of the features are interesting, some are cute and some are useful. More on my useful picks below.
  • Paul Thurrottt’s SuperSite for Windows – Windows 7 Articles – General Area

My Favourites

Paul Thurrott has articles that address a few of my favourite bits of Windows 7

I am also a fan of the snipping tool – handy for trainers, useful but not perfect – some windows and panels will close when you activate the tool.

The most useful day to day feature for me  has to be the ability to pin applications to the task bar for ease of access and documents to jump lists in the Start Menu.

Coming Posts

Over the course of the week I will be signing up for the MYOB in line trial. I will post progress reports.

Later in the week I will be posting links to SharePoint resources I have found useful.